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myThings: Bespoke programmatic advertising is on the rise

Press Release: June 01, 2016

myThings: Bespoke programmatic advertising is on the rise

myThings CMO Shachar Radin-Shomrat says the company is seeing a growing appetite for customised programmatic. myFunnel, the company’s customised funnel solution, enables advertising innovators including Shop Direct and Orange to more closely align programmatic retargeting with their internal business logic.

LONDON (May 31, 2016) – The UK’s programmatic display advertising industry is gradually shifting towards a greater degree of customisation, according to Shachar Radin-Shomrat, CMO of leading performance programmatic provider and retargeting specialist myThings.

Programmatic spending continues to dominate display advertising, with eMarketer estimating that automated ads will account for 70% of the UK’s digital display market this year . But within the realm of programmatic, the growing savviness of advertisers is leading to increased demand for customised, rather than off-the-shelf, solutions.

This is the message that Radin-Shomrat, who heads the European hub of myThings from its offices in London. Radin-Shomrat presented at the Programmatic Pioneers Summit on May 24th at the Hilton London Canary Wharf.

Radin-Shomrat said: “UK programmatic spending is set to reach £2.5 billion in 2016, but it is still too often reduced to an off-the-shelf package. However, we’re starting to see a shift in desires away from the one-size-fits all approach towards more bespoke offerings, an evolution that is being led by true programmatic pioneers.

“Through in-house campaigns or by working with partners, these innovators have realised that the building blocks of programmatic can each be crafted to better fit their specific business needs. Tailoring each aspect of a programmatic campaign to a specific advertiser is more effective at generating incremental revenues than a ready-made solution.”

The myThings CMO told those attending the event how the company has witnessed a sharp upturn in the numbers of its own clients demanding greater customisation in their campaigns.

At the basis of all performance advertising campaigns are a series of underlying assumptions about an advertiser’s sales funnel, which maps the journey that an individual must typically take in order to complete a transaction or desired event. Traditionally, programmatic campaigns have been built upon on a default ecommerce funnel, regardless of how well those assumptions fit with the vertical or business strategy of the advertiser in question.

In order to solve this problem, myThings is currently rolling out myFunnel – a customised funnel solution that can be aligned to any advertiser’s own internal logic in order to provide more effective campaign optimisation and meaningful performance insights – as part of its next-generation campaign management platform. By measuring the uptake of myFunnel, the company was able to shed light on the growing demand for bespoke programmatic among its customers.

Radin-Shomrat added: “In 2015, just 4.2% of our customer base was using myFunnel. This year, these innovators, including Shop Direct and Orange, have been joined by early adopters, accounting for an estimated 12.5% of our clients. In 2017, we estimate that an early majority of 56% will have made that leap in order to benefit from a custom conversion funnel.

“myFunnel and the new campaign management interface we’re rolling out allow marketers to map their internal logic onto their retargeting campaigns. By building a fully customised funnel, our algorithms can better automate the process of gaining immediate insights into the performance of their campaigns and a deeper understanding of where the value lies.

“They can practically see how much money is generated by each funnel stage or segment of the programmatic campaign. As a result, marketers can move advertising budgets from one stage or target audience to another, maximising the return on every pound they invest in online advertising.”

About myThings

myThings is a global performance programmatic leader, specializing in web and app retargeting. Combining completely customizable programmatic platform with a fully managed service, our solutions enable the biggest brands to retain and re-engage their audiences, driving performance at scale.

Among our clients: Puma, Nordstrom rack, Microsoft, Very, French Connection, Boots, Orange and 3Suisses. Our dynamic, personalised ads are fully brand aligned and we use absolutely no templates. They’re powered by bespoke machine learning algorithms per advertiser, custom sales funnels and audience segmentation aligned with advertisers’ own CRM and 1st party data.

Converting big data into incremental demand, we personalize over 5 billion impressions a month across all leading ad exchanges on web and mobile. Find out more at www.mythings.com or @mythingsmedia.

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