Home MYnd Map is launching its latest addition the MY Journal Planner and invites you to daily new positive and healthy beginnings. Tis’ the season to be journaling!

MYnd Map is launching its latest addition the MY Journal Planner and invites you to daily new positive and healthy beginnings. Tis’ the season to be journaling!

Press Release: October 13, 2020

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Rosemary Ikpeme, creator and founder of MYnd Map, entrepreneur and speaker, is pleased to announce the launch of the second edition of the highly acclaimed MY Journal, the newest MY Journal Planner, today, Tuesday the 13th October 2020. The MY Journal Planner has been long awaited by MY Journal users worldwide and offers a pre-order 15% off discounts just in time for the near approaching holiday season.

 MY Journal Planner aim for goals and resolutions that align with who you are, enabling you to take the steps and actions that best suits you and are most productive, effective and efficient, both creatively and in an organised manner, towards achieving balance, physical and mental wellness, and success in your personal and professional life.

 The latest MY Journal Planner is organised to give you a macro perspective on your life satisfaction so that you can gain insights on what makes you truly happy, brings you inner peace, how to focus on what you love doing and the important WHY’s in your life. New and additional tools and strategies introduced, from weekly and daily intentions setting to mindful practices and quotes, daily target behaviours, affirmations, inspiring hand illustrations to colour in and motivate, pages full of therapy concepts, and vision board themes – all specifically designed so you can schedule, create, relax, play and succeed - are amongst the new features of the new MY Journal Planner.

A perfect gift idea for you, your loved ones, friends and anyone you know who needs a little help and a small act of kindness to get them back on the right path. You don’t need a special occasion to brighten their day and help impact their lives for the positive. The new journal comes at the price of £34.99, with a 15% pre-order discount in the first week – the offer ends on 20th October.

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 ‘Three years ago, I created the original MY Journal to replace countless of notebooks with just one planner where I gathered all the learnings and practices that helped me navigate challenges and get me where I am today. I was empowered by the great feedback from users worldwide on how it helped them become more mindful, improve their emotional and mental health, take time for self care and practice gratitude, how it significantly helped reduce stress and boosted their productive. I wanted to do and give more with this second journal: more questions and affirmations to ponder and motivate, more dotted pages for free writing, journaling and wheel of life guides. The new MY Journal Planner is a journey experience with luxurious feels - the best quality diary and gift you can offer, to impact lives in a mindful and meaningful way.’ said Rosemary, in a sneak-peak presentation about her original MY Journal.

Balancing personal life, our careers, the need to keep the pace and be motivated, innovative, while handling the effects of a global pandemic on mental health is an everyday resilience test. How can we create new beliefs and systems so that all the challenges pay off? How can we be our full selves in the present moment and look forward to the journey ahead?

MYnd Map - MY Journal Planner invites you to go within and reconnect with your dreams, find solace, and from that place set mindful goals that align with your purpose and values. Solidify mindfulness and journaling to become an essential in your daily routine with a structured 13-week plan. Start building and mastering the theory of having healthy and positive habits, while spotting aspects in life you tend to forget and neglect. Finding a balance between work, health, and relationships with self-awareness and self-confidence is the mission of MYnd Map workbook.

The new MY Journal Planner cover comes in a soft Vegan friendly faux leather with gold foil embossing, in black and a vibrant red. Write your thoughts, dreams, and reflections of the day in your MY Journal Planner 300 plus pages, with high quality 140gsm (3x as thick as a standard sheet of printer paper) bleed proof paper. With new layouts, new structures, and a new focus on essential routines scheduling and setting clear weekly and daily intentions, making it the perfect tool for holding yourself accountable and monitoring your growth and success.  

Reignite, reactivate your dreams, build, and cultivate new positive and healthy habits. When we change positively, our wellbeing opens-up and the new influence spreads even further, to those around us!

About Rosemary Ikpeme and MYndMap

Over the last ten years, I have dedicated my life to research and share everything I have learned about personal development, productivity, building mental resilience, and growth. Why did I create MYnd Map? I want to empower individuals, organisations and business owners become more effective, efficient, and successful in achieving results. MY Journal is a mindfulness, gratitude, and goals planning journey to build positive habits and navigate through life and challenges with awareness, focus, self-care, and balance, making sure that mental, emotional health, and wellbeing are a priority.



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