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Press Release: August 23, 2017

Often, I used to think that it is probably the best idea to care for your skin when it shows some anti-aging signs. Well, I was wrong, and even you should be aware of the fact that dark spots and wrinkles on your face are just symptoms which indicate that certain nutrient is lacking in your body. So, when I realized it, I did not waste my time waiting for any of this. In fact, I started caring for the vitality of my skin right away. It is worth mentioning that the bounties of the products offered by Age Stop Switzerland is quite appreciable and offered me lots of assistance.
Let me offer you a few pieces of advice to aid you with skin care pursuit.
Keep it moisturized
This was the issue that haunted my skin care practices. My skin was dry, and you should also keep in mind that drier skin tends to break and has already lost a significant amount of collagen. Moreover, it also causes irritation. So I started using Age Stop Switzerland products which are very lightweight (it means that the moisturizers do not flood your pores and skin) in the application. In fact, they let your skin breathe, which is a very good quality of any beauty product.
I was always curious about getting a non-comedogenic and gel-based moisturizer. However, if your skin is extremely dry, then you should consider the option of buying a cream-based moisturizer as well.
Build a routine
In order to prevent your skin from any damage, it is important that you build a routine for eating a proper diet. You should include all of the nutrients recommended and required for an optimum skin quality. Moreover, the routine should also contain an array of exercises, supplements (if required) and beauty products. This is very important to ensure that you never face any aging symptoms, or at least you extend its occurrence for a couple of years. Many people have benefitted from these practices.
You should realize that consuming quality food and applying a number of collagen boosting products in two days is not comparable with building and practice a routine for six months. It is all about consistency and quality.
Protection from the sun
It was not late when I realized that sun rays are the biggest enemies of my skin. When the skin is exposed to the sun for a very long time, it does not only rob off the moisture content but may cause an array of diseases as well. I did a lot of research about this topic and also realized that it could even trigger the formation of free radicals, which are the building blocks of cancer.
Well, just like you, I was eager to prevent its occurrence. Therefore, I started using sunscreen. Now, it should be noted that the SPF of sunscreen could vary from individual to individual. But it is highly recommended to go for SPF 15, at least. It acts as a barrier between your skin and the UV radiation emitted from sun rays.
However, the easiest thing in this regard, at least in my case, was to avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Whenever it was inevitable, I ensured wearing shades to protect the least.
Get rid of hyperpigmentation and blemishes
It is equally important to treat scars with these two. While they can be treated and their recurrence could be avoided, you should be aware that once they appear on the face, it takes several weeks to get rid of the problem. I figured out that the sunscreen could be a convenient choice to thwart these issues or at least diminish the rate of worsening.
I tried a number of brands including the all in one treatment offered by LifeCell, Obagi’s masks and Jeunesses’s products, but the results were not satisfying. However, all of my concerns were comprehensively met when I started using Age Stop Switzerland products. Probably the primary reason was that their products are long lasting and unlike its top competitors, the results are not restricted to second wash, first wash, etc. I mean, I could not find any better option due to their long lasting set of benefits.
I developed numerous scars on my face, but with the appropriate usage of right products, I was able to get rid of them. Here is what you should consider before buying a product of this niche.
• Regardless of the fact whether your product contains a number of ‘allegedly vital’ nutrients, it should always be rich in vitamin C and retinoic acid
Before you set out to buy any beauty product, it is very critical to be sure about the skin type you have. I mean there is no point in buying a mask that does not penetrate below the surface of your skin just because the skin is not permeable for the intensity of that mask. Determine the extent or rather quality of the skin before you buy anything. It is essential if you want to see efficient and immediate results.
Aging is a natural process and is inevitable as well, but you have the power to extend the time of its occurrence. Mainly, it happens because the collagen content in your body starts declining, which is the most abundantly found protein in the skin. So, as long as the required threshold is maintained, you would not see the signs of aging, which are always on the verge of haunting your beauty.
Therefore, I urge you to stop waiting for these symptoms to occur because once it happens, you won’t be able to get rid of them for a couple of weeks or months.
That’s exactly what I did and took every measure that could retain the amount of collagen in the body. It won’t only maintain and improve the quality of skin, but it also plays a pivotal role in enhancing your overall health ranging from hair to the leg joints.
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