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MY STORY; By Sheena Parmar, Founder of PlushLegion®

Press Release: January 05, 2020

By Sheena Parmar, Founder of PlushLegion®

Press Release

The Founder/CEO Sheena Parmar of PlushLegion® has introduced a revolutionary experience in the form of soft toys. This unique model embeds childhood comfort sought through the realms of spirituality and religious guidance.

These educational toys help children to learn prayers in a fun, interactive way by forming memories during early childhood years. Families can also learn more with their children too!

Sheena says that 5 years ago she had no idea where her life was heading but, after becoming a mother she experienced a moment of realisation...

This light bulb moment established the creation of ‘PlushLegion’.

Sheena says whilst growing up there wasn’t much around in terms of educational toys; I was bought up in a cultural community. Growing up a Hindu, my parents exposed me to a diverse lifestyle, I was sent to Girls Brigade on Fridays, Guajarati school every Saturday and Church on Sunday’s.

I took an avid interest in Religious Education, English, Philosophy, History, Business and Music at school which later developed into more subjective matters related to Astrophysics, Nature and Science. This triggered a meaningful desire to spread the light of love and peace.

After the birth of my son I identified a gap in the market and had a vision to create a product that could help children learn about their religious identity. I play and sing prayers to my son daily and I wanted a child friendly accessible way that this could be carried out by others and so, the passion for creating religious children's toys was once again reignited.

The fundamental principle of PlushLegion® toys is "finding peace in prayer".

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