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My dream is to show the world Italian cricket,Maruf Anowar

Press Release: May 20, 2020


In 2019, we reached 1 million views on Instagram which is rare for Italian cricket.My dream was to show the world Italian cricket.


In 2018 I got this idea to create a platform and finally after some discussions with Leandro we launched this platform in 2019, Italian Cricket TV


Thanks to Michael Morettini, Ivan Racila and Francesca Suria Jayarajah for commenting in Italian and for the live score update.

Cricket has been playing in Italy for a long time but in Italy there is no platform watch cricket.

In 2019, Maruf Anowar, founder of Italian Cricket TV, launched the platform for those who want to watch Italian cricket,



Maruf Anowar said at a conference


"I’ve always said that i love cricket and my love for this game inspired me to make Italian Cricket TV, Cricket may not be a popular sport in Italy but we can make this sport popular in Italy by showing it on TV"


Italian Cricket TV has given everyone a platform to watch Italian Cricket.

After watching the game on TV, many Italians now want to play cricket and learn cricket.

Millions of people have watched Italian cricket on Italian Cricket TV and people have fallen in love with Italian cricket.


Italian Cricket TV wants the game to grow as soon as possible, no one knows before this platform that there is cricket in Italy, nowadays most people know that Italy plays cricket.


Watch Italian Kids playing cricket for the first time in their lives (https://vimeo.com/364122539)


Italian Cricket TV has given Italians and immigrants a new dream to play cricket in Italy.

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