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My Digital Footprint: Where your privacy becomes someone else's business!

Press Release: December 01, 2009

London. 1st December 2009 Irrespective of personal preference, we all leave digital footprints behind us and they are about much more than just identity. Digital footprints are about where we have been, for how long, how often; with whom and the inter-relationships we formed in getting there. Digital footprints are memories and moments, they are not your personal identity, your passport, bank account or social security number.

My Digital Footprint is about this digital data created from your interactions with electronic devices, (such as mobile phones, web PCs and TVs). This data has significant value when analysed in real-time, to create services with colour, focus and relevancy for you as a user, as well as to brands who want to own your whole digital life experience. Digital footprint data is valuable and is the reason why the ownership of this data class is the Webs next battleground.

The dark side of My Digital Footprint is big brother on steroids, no control, no trust, no privacy, no value. The enlightened view is not without fears but consumers will have value in exchange for privacy as companies wrestle to control and own your data.

In a praise of My Digital Footprint.

Tony instinctively asks the right questions about the convergence of mobile and digital, demonstrating the emerging importance of mobile as a media platform and the rich data which it can provide for brands to leverage consumer behaviour. Pekka Ala-Pietil, co-founder and CEO of Blyk. President of Nokia Corporation (1999-2005)

It was Oscar Wilde who first suggested that one's life was a work of art over which one should be able to assign rights. Now, with this suggestion, Tony is successfully applying Wilde's suggestion to the digital world. It is a vital suggestion to break what will otherwise be an interminable deadlock in the debate over privacy. Rory Sutherland, Vice-Chairman Ogilvy Group @rorysutherland

Even if you don't intend reading this book you should still buy it just to see the direction publishing is going to go. As ever the author innovates across the entire front of paper to bits, and experiencing this new regime is worth the purchase alone. But I strongly suggest you do read and absorb the content. It is important to understand where your digital slime trail has been laid, where it will be laid in future, and the implications. This is an innovative work and a thought provoking (oh s***) read! Peter Cochrane, Chief Technologist BT plc (1999 - 2000) @petercochrane

Few have as much insight into the future of mobile as Tony Fish. He steps out of commercial paradigms and instead pursues what handsets can do not just from a technological perspective, but a social one.' Professor James Woudhuysen

Who is reading this book:

The board of directors:Irrespective of industry and board role, this book details the concepts which need to be engaged with as they will increase customer value and loyalty.

Active investors:The book provides a framework for investment in digital data exploitation and provides direction for your portfolio to increase value.

The strategic analyst:Digital data and its use are critical to strategy and creating value for the next 5 years.

Marketing and social media:This book reveals how power will migrate power from agency to brands; companies will know more about their customers than their advisors.

Government:Government might want to know about the populace but we will know more about our senior political figures and be able to hold them to account without invading their privacy.

Ways to read and enjoy this book

As Tony explains in My Digital Footprint there is value in capturing and analysing data from your customer and he has applied this learning with a unique and innovative way to monetise his book:

1.you can go the traditional route and buy the book from Amazon or direct from the publisher,

2.or you can read the book for free www.mydigitalfootprint.com;

3.alternatively by registering on the web site and participating in a collaborative exchange of views and comments, enabling Tony to monetise the self selective community.

About Tony Fish

Tony Fish: entrepreneur and strategic thinker with over twenty years of experience with leading brands, high growth companies and in venture capital. Tony is an experienced and qualified board level executive with professional experience crossing Web, mobile and TV and divides his time between his non-exec roles and board advisory work. Tony is acknowledged as a leader in 2.0 thinking, through the recipient of independent awards such as placement in the top 10 in The Observer and Guardian newspapers The future 500 rising stars, and from global recognition from his peer group.

Tony Fish B-Eng MBA C-ENG FIET FCIM currently serves as a Non Executive Director, Advisory Board Member and Founder of a number of tech companies, was previously a Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for British Telecom, O2 and antfactory. Tony has previously co-authored two books on how to build, launch, partner and raise capital for mobile applications: Mobile Web 2.0: the innovators guide to developing and marketing next generation wireless/mobile applications, August 2006; and OpenGardens, the innovators guide to mobile data industry, December 2004.

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