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My Design Station transforms any photo into a creative gift!

Press Release: September 28, 2016

We know that buying a gift can easily turn into a nightmare! You’re walking from shop to shop seeing all these beautiful products but still cannot be certain if any of them would be a good choice. Is this shiny jewellery set really the best idea for the 10th wedding anniversary? Would my best friend be happy to get a new perfume? Is my mum gonna like this colorful scarf?

To avoid disappointments, we suggest going for something unique and creative! When you think about it… Is there a better gift idea than something personalised, stylish and feeling like “truly yours?” How great is your best friend gonna feel seeing you two on the cover of the notebook she has just received from you? Is you mum not gonna love a beautiful family portrait hanging in her living room?
Or perhaps you would like an adorable wedding photo sitting in your own bedroom?

It is all achievable now with photo etching services offered by My Design Station. Our photo etching is all about moving photos onto various wooden surfaces, whether it is wooden board, box or notebook/album cover. With our new service, you’re able to create one of a kind gift which will stay with your loved ones for years as wood is a solid and lasting material! All you really have to do is to find a photo that you’d like to have engraved and send it to us.

Amongst key benefits of our photo etching services are:

- Products made to order which means that we give a lot of time and attention to each photo so that it looks fabulous on wood
- A wide range of wooden surfaces that products are engraved onto
- Top-notch quality and fast delivery
- Affordable prices
- Discount with larger orders or ongoing partnership

Sounds like a great idea for unique gift? Call us on 07775161416 or email agnes@mydesignstation.co.uk for more information and quotations.

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