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My Cuistot Unveils New Parisian-Inspired, Chef-Cooked Healthy Meal Delivery Service

Press Release: November 26, 2018

London, November 26th 2018 –

Paris-based My Cuistot has launched a new meal delivery service in London dedicated to bringing varied healthy, seasonal cuisine right to customers’ doorsteps.
Its roster of talented chefs works constantly to create innovative, balanced meals, which are delivered to homes or businesses once or twice per week. In addition to its standard weekly meals, My Cuistot is happy to customize its meal deliveries for those with dietary restrictions (organic, kosher, gluten-intolerant, etc.).


My Cuistot handles everything from meal preparation to convenient delivery, enabling users to:

• Enjoy balanced & healthy meals for the whole family: My Cuistot strives to create balanced meals utilizing seasonal ingredients that are perfect for both individuals and entire families alike.

• Save precious time: Shopping and cooking are the most time-consuming household chores in any given week, with an average of 217 hours per year (28% of the annual domestic time) spent on cooking alone. My Cuistot’s delivery service eliminates this unneeded hassle by preparing complete meals for the whole week, enabling users to eat healthier without having to worry about ordering every day.

• Adhere to dietary restrictions: My Cuistot recognizes that some people have very specific dietary restrictions and offers them the same quality through the My Cuistot Custom Plan. Whether weight loss or a low-carb diet is the goal, My Cuistot’s chefs will create a fully customized weekly meal plan.


My Cuistot uses a network of independent Chefs instead of central production centers, that allows them to:

• Provide healthy home-made food, always fresh: The use of selected Chefs that cook in small batches
(maximum 50-100 products per day) guarantees 100% home-made meals.

• Cook and dispatch the food from your area: My Cuistot meals do not travel from far away. By partnering with local delivery services and Chefs across the city, the meals are cooked in your neighborhood and delivered fresh the same day. That way allows My Cuistot to keep the delivery costs down.

• Reduce investments to provide an affordable end price: By reducing the fix costs of a central kitchen or pantry, My Cuistot makes a more efficient use of resources, which impacts on an affordable price for quality meal prep delivery. My Cuistot is profitable from day 1, this bootstrapped business is expanding internationally without fundraising.

Visit us at https://www.mycuistot.com/en-gb for more information.

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