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Must adopt habits in the era of Covid-19

Press Release: May 11, 2020

From the last few months, a COVID-19 become pandemic for the world. This virus spread from animals to humans. This virus infects and killing the human population. This virus first appeared in December 2019 in china’s city Wuhan. In 2019 china first reported about COVID-19 (coronavirus) to WHO. But COVID-19 spread across the worldwide and many countries affected with this pandemic. In the present time, many countries implement emergency and many countries stop the whole work. 

 We should adopt habits in the era of COVID-19

Wash Hands

Wash hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer. In a day wash your hands with sanitizer two or three times. Because it is spread from one person to another if someone infected with this disease and you are handshake with the patient then chances you will be infected with this disease. Maybe you go outside and touch those things which contact with COVID-19 than again chances you will be infected with this disease. Make a good habit to hand wash.


Don’t Touch Your Face

It is a subconscious act we touch our face so many times. It is a lot harder to do not touch the face and it takes conscious effort. On average we touch our face 23 times in an hour. But COVID-19 infects you because if you don’t wash your hands. You touch your face then the COVID-19 virus enters the body through nosels or through the mouth. So, try to develop a habit don’t touch your face so many times.


Coughs and sneezes

While coughs and sneezes Cover your face with tissue paper or use the elbow. If you go outside then wear a mask on your face.

Don’t Shake hands

If we meet someone we shake hands. On our hands so many bacteria, viruses present. COVID-19 has spread one person from another by touching or sneezing etc. In this situation

avoid shaking hands with anyone. Try alternative greetings like bumps and even high fives transfer fewer bacteria or viruses.

Don’t Go Outside Without any urgent Work

In this pandemic do not go outside from house. Because COVID-19 is a contagious disease. The COVID-19 is spread very fastly in worldwide and this disease affected every country.

So, stay at home and go outside the home if urgent work. Stay home stay safe. Avoid going into crowded areas. 

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