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Musicians breach industry barriers by setting up own ticketed online concerts on Show4me Music Interaction Network

Press Release: June 09, 2020

Musicians from Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Macedonia, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, UK, Ukraine, and the US are currently crowdfunding their upcoming online shows using Show4me Music Interaction Network’s ticketed online show functionality.

The shows span a variety of music genres: hip-hop, rap, RB, soul, techno, house, funk, disco, dance pop, fusion, electronic, alternative rock, dream pop, classical, Afrobeats, Reggaeton, ambient, and help musicians of various backgrounds and experience profit off their online events and sustain their music business during the time of social distancing and the need to WFH.

The concert funding model offered by Show4me is based on the fan-funding concept, meaning a show does not go into production until enough tickets sell to cover the event budget. Once the budget set by the artist or organizers is met, the show reaches its Confirmation point and the artist can withdraw the first sum to fund the show production, while show tickets continue to be sold for the now confirmed live show.

This tool allows musicians and their teams to hold loss-free events and be sure the attendance rate will be up to their standards. This also makes concert organization more accessible to independent or self-managed musicians.

Show4me has first introduced its ticketed online shows functionality in April of 2020 to allow musicians struggling to earn a living off their music in the times of social distancing and lockdowns.

Show4me is a music interaction network for musicians, fans, and music professionals. The network offers a collection of tools for musicians and music professionals to connect with fans, build a solid and engaged fanbase, and convert followers into customers.

Musicians and their teams can sell music (albums, EPs, singles) in their Artist clubs on the network, show tickets, Artist club subscriptions (for just $1/year each fan gets access to all of the musician's music and option to direct message the artist), ticket packs (show admission + merch or tutoring sessions, beat writing sessions, song dedication, aftershow access, and more).

Show4me started in 2015 as a concert crowdfunding tool and has since expanded into a full-blown network. In January of 2019, the platform raised round A investments to reach $13.4 million in funding. It's currently working on adding on new features to be presented this summer, including a mobile app for fans.

More info: https://www.show4me.com/general/online-concert

Concerts now active: https://www.show4me.com/discover_more/online?sort=active

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