Press Release: March 02, 2010

It seems mums the word when it comes to holidaying for Brits, after the latest research by www.sunshine.co.uk of 2,316 people aged 18-30 has shown that 24% would pick their Mum as their first choice of beach buddy, beaten only by friends, which was the top choice for 29% of the respondents.

Of those who would most like to go away with their mum, 42% claimed that it would be a good idea just in case they ran out of money, as they would be looked after financially. Just over a quarter of those who said they would most like to go on holiday with their mum claimed it was because they would look forward to the valuable bonding time that they would otherwise not be able to get.

Dads on the other hand were less popular with Brits and were the least favourite holiday companion. Twice as many of the respondents would want to go on holiday alone rather than with their dad.

The top choice of companion for holidaymakers was friends, with more than 1 in 4 saying they would most like to get away with a friend or group of mates. Of these, 58% said that their friends would be their number one choice because they planned on partying during their break and 13% said they wouldnt have to worry about their parents giving them grief if they went away with their friends.

In order, the favourite holiday companions with the respondents were;

1. Friends 29%

2. Mum 24%

3. Boyfriend - 19%

4. Girlfriend 12%

5. Siblings 7%

6. Alone 6%

7. Dad 3%

The study by sunshine.co.uk found that women are more likely to want to go on holiday with their boyfriend or husband than men are with their wife or girlfriend and also, more male respondents wanted to holiday with their mum than females. Of the men who said they would prefer to go away with their mum rather than their girlfriend, 12% said it was because they would probably get jealous if other men looked at their partner in her swimwear.

It could also be said that girly getaways are more popular than lads holidays, as the majority of respondents who wanted to go away with their friends were female.

Chris Brown, co-founder of sunshine.co.uk, said;

I think its a bit sad for dads that more people would prefer to go on holiday alone than with their old man, but its no surprise that so many would like to jet off with their mum, especially if they think theyll have cash on tap if they should happen to run short.

Holidays with friends are always going to be popular, but its refreshing to see that so many would pick their mum as their favourite holiday buddy, especially so close to Mothers Day. Its interesting that more women would go on holiday with their partner than the other way around, but I suppose thats all down to preference and some lads preferring to holiday with their mum instead!

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