Press Release: March 11, 2010

The latest nationwide study commissioned by www.rightmobilephone.co.uk of 1,376 mothers, has revealed that just under half said a phone call would be one of the best gifts this Mothering Sunday. A visit was the thing most mums would like this Mother's Day when asked to pick a selection of the most desirable gifts, but a phone call was a more popular choice than flowers, chocolates and perfume.

Of the mums who said a phone call would be a favourite present this Sunday, rightmobilephone.co.uk asked more about the call they would expect and it turns out a quick 'Happy Mother's Day' isn't sufficient.

It appears Mum's often feel calls with their children can be rather short and abrupt and this Mothers day they want nothing more than a long chat about what their offspring are doing and updates about their work, gossip, life and family. The average time mums wanted to be on the phone to their children for was 10 minutes.
The top ten most desirable gifts this Mother's Day, as voted by mums, are;

1.A visit - 51%
2.A phone call - 46%
3.A card - 44%
4.Flowers - 42%
5.Chocolates -39%
6.Perfume - 35%
7.CD - 27%
8.DVD - 26%
9.Experience Day - 21%
10.Wine - 18%

Rightmobilephone.co.uk also asked 952 people aged 18-30 what excuses they were sometimes guilty of using when it came to avoiding their mum on the phone or cutting the conversation short. 21% admitted to lying about how busy they were to get out of talking to their mother and 16% said they would use low credit or minutes as a reason for getting off the phone early. 3% unashamedly claimed they would pretend the line had gone dead due to bad signal to cut the call short.
Neil McHugh, co-founder of rightmobilephone.co.uk, said;
"I think text messaging and excuses like not having enough credit or minutes makes it tempting for people to avoid calling family or spending a long time on the phone to people like their mum or dad, but this Mother's Day we are encouraging more people to pick up the phone and have a decent conversation.
"I think we're probably all a bit guilty of saying we can't talk to our parents when we probably could, but on the one day a year that we should be showing we care, if we cant make a visit we should be picking up the phone at least. Past research we carried out showed that more people were sending text messages on special occasions than greetings cards, but I don't think that should be the case on Mother's Day, if people know what's good for them!"
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