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Multidev’s Retail Management Consulting Learning Academy

Press Release: July 21, 2020


Multidev’s Retail Management Consulting & Learning Academy

Montreal, QC, July 20th, 2020 - Multidev Technologies Inc., a recognized industry leader in the development of retail technology software announces the official opening of it’s Open-Innovation Lab to help retailers across the board boost their innovative skills and foster collective intelligence and sharing among various stakeholders of the retail industry. 

The retail industry is facing tremendous challenges in the Post COVID-19 era. Increasing ecommerce penetration and the continuous expansion of retail behemoths like Amazon, embedding IoT, AI, Busines Automation standards, Big Data in the chain-supply, the proliferation of brand direct-to-consumer strategies and disruptive business models, changing consumer behaviors and rapidly evolving technologies, are causing havoc among retailers across the spectrum.

Achieving top- and bottom-line growth in the post pandemic era is a challenge for traditional brick and mortar businesses; but also, for many independent store owners. Today, retailers need more than ever to implement preemptive measures and best practices to ramp-up their retail recovery strategies.

Multidev’s Retail Management Academy and in-house advisers are eager to contribute and to foster adaptive learning organization mindsets. It’s team of seasoned retail management experts have seen it all when it comes to retail software customization, ERP implementation, end-to-end deployments for entire line of products, services be it at the front office, the back office, online or at the customer level.

’Many leading wholesalers, chain Store operators, retailers, eTailers and department stores have partnered with us to help them custom-design retail information solutions and strategies to cope with the changing landscape, consumer behaviours and disruptive technologies’’.

Unparalleled Retail Advisory Services to Help Retailers Cope with Disruptive Technologies and Changing Business Models

In a rather fast and mobile world, obsolete technologies, business models, managerial practices are increasingly vulnerable to the disruptive nature of retailing in the post-COVID times. Therefore, helping our customer base and ecosystem cope and adjust to the changing landscape is mission critical to the long-term success of our strategic partners and customers.

While upgrading the technology to cope with post-COVID-19 black swan, we believe it’s time to accelerate the digital transformation, namely for non-early adopters.

This is why at Multidev, we have launched few initiative and programs to help retailers adopt new business models and mindset.

The first program includes Multidev Retailing & Learning Academy:

Retailers, business students, interns and the public will have access to open-source courses, seminars and training workshops according to Dr Jamal Boukouray who is an expert management consulting and organizational development. As a previous ivy league lecturer, head of executive education programs and dean of UIC Business School, Dr Boukouray and his team of academic and professional collaborators have designed entire learning modules and tracks to help Multidev kickstart this collaborative project.    

Retail Management Training & Coaching

Our innovative seminars and workshops are specifically designed to help retailers in the footwear, jewellery, sporting goods, department stores, homeware and décor implement organizational development programs before, during and after each new implementation. While many workshops, executive training programs are catered to the retail industry many MOOCS, tutorial courses, training material will be available online and in open source platforms such as SlideShare.

Multidev’s Retail Management and Training team of experts in retail management and transformation offer a wide range of custom-designed workshops and contingency playbooks on various topics such as Digital Transformation Strategy & Implementation, Frugal Innovation, Design Thinking workshops on business modeling innovation, agile management, Contingency Planning, Reskilling and Talent Acquisition, Customer Journey Analytics, etc.

About Multidev Technologies Inc.

Multidev Technologies Inc. is an industry power-house in the development of Fully-Integrated ERP and Omnichannel Software for retail, e-tail and wholesale. Dedicated to delivering advanced innovation and technology, Multidev’s cutting-edge point of sale software solutions offer flexibility and scalability that allows retailers to manage in retail time all channels under one unified platform. Founded in 1997, by its visionary Mr. Joseph Amzallag Multidev Technologies recognized the need for specialized software in the retail industry and began to develop a solution that specifically catered to a focused niche of retailers.  Addressing the needs of Apparel, Footwear, Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Specialty and Department Store retailers, Multidev provides the mid-size retailer with a sophisticated, completely Integrated Retail Management System. Visit www.multidev.com




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