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MSM Higher Ed Pathways introduces Australia’s Griffith University as Founding Member

Press Release: February 22, 2021

MSM Higher Ed Pathways marks a milestone as it introduces one of its first Founding Members: Griffith University. 

One of the world’s leading universities, Griffith University is set to play a pivotal role in MSM Higher Ed Pathways, an initiative that prepares students for entry or advanced standing at multiple universities in study destinations for international education.

As a Founding Member, Griffith University engages with other degree-granting institutions in a global consortium, which articulate existing Pathway curriculum and provide advice on the design of future study abroad pathways for international students. The new Pathway curriculum designed by Founding Members will be carried out at MSM Higher Ed delivery centres in over 50 cities across the globe in the coming three years. 

“Griffith University is delighted to be partnering with MSM Higher Education on this exciting initiative. We are committed to providing students with pathways that provide them with an excellent academic preparation into the University, and look forward to welcoming students to Griffith in the coming years,” said Griffith University Vice President (Global) Sarah Todd.  

In addition to a global consortium engagement, Griffith University is provided the platform to participate in rigorous quality assurance reviews, welcome a steady stream of qualified international students from diverse countries and backgrounds, become part of Foundation studies and pathways recruitment events, increase its visibility to a global arena and strengthen its branding as an MSM Higher Ed partner institution. 

Griffith University: Celebrating the remarkable
Griffith University is a public university located in South East Queensland on the east coast of Australia. Founded in 1971 before opening its doors to students in 1975, the renowned Australian institution currently ranks in the top two percent of universities around the world. 

Currently, Griffith University has five physical campuses spanning three cities in South East Queensland (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Logan) and a digital campus launched in 2018. “Each campus environment, whether physical or digital, has state of the art facilities, and support services to make university life easier and enjoyable,” stated its official website.

Griffith University—named after two-time Premier of Queensland, first Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, and principal author of the Australian Constitution, Sir Samuel Walker Griffith—continues to be a progressive institution which challenges convention and celebrates the remarkable. 

Students who have started their programs through MSM Higher Ed delivery centres close to their homes may choose to proceed to complete their degree at Griffith University.

Making International Education Accessible
Through its partnership with MSM Higher Ed Pathways, Griffith University paves a way for international students to access its quality education even in the face of the pandemic and the decrease in disposable income of international students and their families. 

“By making available pathway options that allow students to begin their studies in or near their home country with sure options to complete their degree abroad,  we make international education more accessible and affordable,” explained Donna Hooker, MSM Higher Ed President.  

Griffith University comprises the first batch of MSM Higher Ed Pathways Founding Members, which also include Frostburg State University, Hartwick College, Hawaii Pacific University, Queen Margaret University, and University of Charleston. 

A Call for Partnerships
A total of 26 higher education institutions from destination countries—Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the rest of Europe—are targeted to become Founding Members and create a range of study abroad pathways for qualified international students.

Meanwhile, institutions from China, India, Mexico, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and other countries across the globe are welcome to become delivery centres for students who are looking to get a head start toward their international studies. 

MSM Higher Ed Pathways is a program by MSM Higher Ed, a global platform that offers education management solutions, which create opportunities for students while building capacity for international student enrollment and new revenue streams for partner institutions.

Interested institutional partners may send their expression of interest to MSM Higher Ed President Donna Hooker at donna@msquare.media. 

For more details, visit MSM Higher Ed official website at www.msmhighered.com. 

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