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Press Release: February 22, 2010

VivaBlock is a complete email server, security, plug and play solution.

It is licensed per unit and not per user. The spam firewall blocks at source based on business rules and not analysis of the emails content, making it greater than 90% effective. This method also means it cannot generate false positives. The firewall is unique in identifying new spam sources, twice as fast as the traditional real-time block lists (RBLs). More than 400 new spam sources per second can be added in real-time. The VivaBlock appliances form a server community connected via the central monitoring hub and the spam blocking improves as each device shares its spam detection information. It Can be linked to Microsoft Exchange server or used as a stand alone messaging system. The system saves on carbon emissions.

Carbon Emissions
Series 1' Product: Based on an average figure of 35,000 emails blocked per day;

One email = 0.3 grams of carbon

35,000 * 0.3 = 10,500 grams saved per day

Per year 365 * 10,500 = 3,832,500 grams per year
Equivalent to:

Toyota Prius driving 36,851 Kilometres or 22,898 Miles.

Range Rover driving 12,818 Kilometres or 7,965 Miles.

London bus driving 2735 Kilometres or 1,699 Miles.

Dishwasher 5,069 wash cycles.

Petrol Lawnmower running for 3,832 hours.

This system has been developed and tested over eight years and we are now looking for a company or investor to take it to market with us. This is a unique product and a unique opportunity for the right company or individual.

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