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MPGQS Has Employed a New Quantity Surveyor to Their Camden Project

Press Release: January 22, 2016

MPGQS is becoming the top leading company that specialising in providing various kinds of services designed to assist businesses and companies in real estate industry. They have employed a new Quantity Surveyor to their new Camden project.

As follow up to their excellent reputation in the industry, MPGQS’s London office had recently sent Richard Nicholson to work in Camden for a new project http://www.homesandproperty.co.uk/property-news/buying/new-homes/its-a-game-changer-camden-is-first-council-to-build-homes-to-sell-39626.html. The main task of that assignment is for Richard Nicholson as the new Quantity Surveyor is to carry MEP Quantity Surveying services which currently needed by the local company in delivering the maximum business growth in relation with their new products and business expansion in the area.

Therefore, the professional insights and advice from MPGQS team are surely needed to make sure new companies won’t steps too far from the right track. That is where MPGQS plays a big role to help businesses and even manufacturers in getting the most of their business planning.

“When it comes about creating a new product, quality control plays a huge role to make sure everything is well supervised and that the products going out from, our factory are on its best condition and quality.” Manager said

This applies to almost all kinds of products and services, including when it comes about home manufacturing. All home builders must put quality as the priority, which that means they need to be sure having everything carefully planned, well executed, and followed for through inspection to keep the quality above the standard.

When it comes about quality inspection and survey, nothing can beat to what MPGQS has offered. As one of the leading quality inspection and surveying services, MPGQS has teams of experts ready to help any businesses across industries in delivering the best quality products as well as also reliable business planning advisory. No matter what kind of products or services a business may have, when it comes about a quality inspection, they always contact MPGQS for the best help and assistance in the subject.


Fonded in 1996, MPGQS is a company specialising in providing high-quality services in almost all aspects of a business, from financial, commercial, and even contractual services. Their services are mainly designed to accommodate business and companies playing in construction and property industry sectors. They have teams of experts always ready to deliver any help and assistance needed by players in the respective industries. Just give them a call and a team will be dispatched to the site to provide direct assistance whenever it needed. For more information about the company, their services, even clues on how they do the job, one can visit their official website at MPGQS.com. Otherwise, one also contacting directly the company via the contact information provided below. For more information please visit www.mpgqs.com.


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