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Moving Tales of Heroism & Endurance Sweep Awards @Filminute 2017

Press Release: November 01, 2017

Iranian filmmaker Kaveh Jahed has won Best Filminute, the top award, at the 12th edition of Filminute, the international one-minute film festival. His tense, austere, refugee camp drama, A SHARE OF A SHARE edged out stiff competition and was praised by the 2017 jury for its deft performances and emotional punch.
Both jury and audiences alike lauded the timeliness of the film and the light it shines on a much talked about but little understood facet of life for refugees in 2017. “I wish for wars to stop happening and for people not to be forced to run away from their homes and countries,” says the director in his thank you and acceptance of the award.
On the audience side, American filmmaker Jin Ryu’s film MEGAN received the most online votes to take the People’s Choice Award. The uplifting, beautifully shot documentary about a breast cancer survivor touched many in the audience who took courage from this graceful fighter.
Rounding out the big three awards was this year’s Top Rated Film, won by Colombian director Carlos Andres Reyes for COMIC RELIEF. His moving character study peeks in on a clown who has just received some decidedly unfunny news.
“When you look at the surge in submissions from Iran and Colombia over the past few years,” said Jury Head John Ketchum. “It’s no surprise to see them in the collection and winning awards. We look forward to seeing similar results for a number of other emerging countries and underrepresented groups in the future. One-minute films really do have the power to level the playing field.”
17 countries were represented on the 25-film shortlist this time including three films from Iran, Spain, Turkey & the USA, as well as two films each from Canada, France & Romania.
The 2017 9-member international jury was made up of: rising Ghanian / American director, Priscilla Anany; Santa Maddalena Foundation president, Baronessa Beatrice Monti; FIPRESCI film critic, Dana Duma; Advertising Executive, Steve Clay; Filminute 2016 Best Filminute Winner, Rohin Raveendran; CineCoup Executive Directors J.Joly & Brian Wideen; and Filminute co-founders John Ketchum (Head of Jury) and Sabaa Quao. Together, and in addition to Best Filminute, they awarded 5 Jury Commendations to: Goat (Turkey); Orlie (Philippines); Moment (Iran); Indigo (Spain); and Stealthy Freedom (Iran).
Long-time festival partner, Cineuropa Shorts, again ran their ‘5 Minute Challenge’ asking their audience to pick their favourite film from a list of five films from the collection. This year’s winner is UK director Ako Mitchell for I Promise.

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More information and full details are available at www.filminute.com. You may also follow Filminute on Twitter at http://twitter.com/filminute, on Facebook, via http://www.facebook.com/filminute.

About Filminute
Filminute is the international one-minute film festival that challenges filmmakers, writers, animators, artists, designers, and creative producers to develop and submit the world's best one-minute films. www.filminute.com

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A SHARE OF A SHARE http://www.filminute.com/films/2017/a-share-of-share/
Kaveh Jahed (Iran)

MEGAN http://www.filminute.com/films/2017/megan/
Jin Ryu (USA)

COMIC RELIEF http://www.filminute.com/films/2017/comic-relief/
Carlos Andres Reyes (Colombia)


GOAT http://www.filminute.com/films/2017/goat/
Boğaç Uzun (Turkey)

ORLIE http://www.filminute.com/films/2017/orlie/
Lino Balmes (Philippines)

MOMENT http://www.filminute.com/films/2017/moment/
Amir Roini(Iran)

INDIGO http://www.filminute.com/films/2017/indigo/
Ignacio F. Rodo (Spain)

STEALTHY FREEDOM http://www.filminute.com/films/2017/stealthy-freedom/
Maryam Modarres (Iran)

I PROMISE http://www.filminute.com/films/2017/i-promise/
Ako Mitchell (UK)

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