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Moviesplanet Offers Unique Solution To Movie Lovers Watch Movies And Get All The Information Needed!

Press Release: March 10, 2010

 Started with the ultimate aim at helping movie lovers connect and get together, this site promises a wealth of information about movies in general. Instead of having to browse through multiple sites to get free movies and details about favorite television shows, MoviesPlanet offers all of it on their site. For those who want a single reference point to watch movies, check out trivia, articles and details on a movie or television show, this site promises to be the perfect solution.

10th March 2010: MoviesPlanet is a comprehensive online community of movie lovers, which allows people to watch movies online, read movie news, releases, popular movies, which are the best online movies, tips on how to watch movies with the best quality and much more! Right from your favorite television shows to movies based on genre, language to forums and articles discussing specific movies, people can also watch movies online at MoviesPlanet.

With streaming links and run time durations of movies mentioned alongside each movie, it becomes much easier to schedule times to watch movies online at MoviesPlanet. In addition, the neat layout of the site ensures that all relevant information pertaining to a particular movie is displayed on the same page with links about literature, trivia, articles, knots, mistakes, companies, pictures, premiers, quotes, soundtrack, certificates, external links, technical information as well as lots of other nuggets of information on the movie. If a person wishes to watch a particular movie, all they have to do is search for the movie based on genre, language, year or country. One can also watch movies based on the new and upcoming selection of movies. Movie fans can also browse through box office charts, which are available right on the landing page of MoviesPlanet.

From most popular movie choices to entertainment news about specific movies, MoviesPlanet is a comprehensive repository of information on online movies. A robust and flexible search option on the site allows users to search based on movie and television show titles, celebrities as well as web streaming links. The site also has a collection of miscellaneous items such as video applications, links history, FTP servers, movie collections, favorites and much more. Members of MoviesPlanet can easily log in to their account and access their personalized information in the My Zone section of the site, which has information pertaining to personal collections, requests, profile, friends, favorites, links to watch movies online, FTPs, polls and much more.

The advantage about MoviesPlanet is that unlike most other movie sites, which concentrate only on movies, this site offers streaming content and details on popular television shows as well. One can browse through the list of available television shows based on popularity, genre, language or just search through all the available TV shows if one prefers.

ABOUT MoviesPlanet is a site dedicated to online movies and television shows, to enable people to watch movies online.

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