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Press Release: March 17, 2010

The booming industry of motion pictures with its countless productions each year seems to capture the audience all over the world.Old forms of entertainment like theater,ballet,dance dramas are losing popularity to their much younger sibling motion picture.In the race of entertaining people feature films and music videos outraced all other mode of entertainment including theater.And the credit goes to our charismatic superstars and glamorous heroines who have been able to capture audience with their magnetic screen presence.

Million dollars are spent in this business of glamour,exposure and publicity.Ironically,we try to fix a budget for everything while we are ready to spend thousands of dollars to get a glimpse of celebrity movie stars.Todays youngsters are keen to know what reel heroes do in reality rather than the saga of real heroes.Even consumer products manufacturing companies are in competition with each other to feature celebrity movie stars in their product advertisements.

Advent of World Wide Web and rapid progress of internet technology have fueled the process further.As the web broadens its limits further it inevitably takes the entertainment industry in its grasp.You will find numerous websites and web magazines publishing exclusive interviews with the celebs.Courtesy Internet a number of upcoming movie trailers are coming online prior release along with latest movie reviews.Leave alone movie makers Website companies and magazine publishers are making huge money because of this craze. When you have numerous options for downloading you favorite movie stars photos,interviews, videos and an entire movie you are not going to wait for monthly or weekly issues of print magazines that were very popular even twenty years back.

Courtesy electronics media we get the latest buzz from Hollywood. From Oscar red carpet to the drawing rooms of celebs electronics media prevails everywhere.Camera is ready to zoom in and dig out the latest scoops about celebrity stars anytime anywhere.

The glamorous world of entertainment lures young minds and drifts them easily.We often forget that acting is not everyones cup of tea and run after the fame and glamour of silver screen.That is why acting in mainstream commercial movies has turned out to be the most cherished dream for youngsters today. Movie stars like Silvester Stallone,George Clooney or Brad Pitt are their idols.Whether it is dress or hairstyle gen-X loves to imitate reel heroes and heroines.They are just crazy to know what designer labels celebrity movie stars use; what are the latest celebrity fashion trends and what the latest movie that the stars signing. Web is up-to-date with the latest celebrity news as well as scoops and gossips from celebrity parties, night-outs and sets of films.

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