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Motive Retouching's New Online Service for Actor Headshot Retouching Now Available - LA Company Revolutionizes Pricing and Experience

Press Release: March 02, 2016

Motive Retouching (www.motiveretouching.com) announced its newest online service, which provides professional headshot retouching and photo touch ups to actors, models, and businesspeople, with unprecedented ease of use. Based in Los Angeles, Motive Retouching was founded to innovate professional headshot retouching by offering it entirely online and at a fraction of the cost assessed by photos labs and photographers.

While Motive’s headshot retouching service is based in Los Angeles, the company works with clients across the globe through its automated web interface. Motive Retouching streamlines the process for clients, making it easy to purchase retouching for images, give detailed written and visual notes, and approve and download retouched images through the site. With most orders completed in just three business days, Motive stands behind its work, offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

The staff at Motive Retouching knows what agents and casting directors are looking for in headshots. Armed with this knowledge, they work to perfect their clients’ images. Manager Jay Nichols states, “It’s our job to correct the little mistakes and inconsistencies while maintaining an image’s natural look. This process adds up to a huge improvement, showing off the best natural you -- you on your best day. It is extremely rewarding to help up-and-coming actors, as well as established vets, put their best foot forward and take the next step in their careers.” Motive’s typical retouching includes teeth whitening, blemish removal, flyaway taming, and eye enhancement, to name just a few of the essential services they provide.

Motive Retouching’s attention to detail sets them apart. All professionally-retouched images are reviewed by trained evaluators before the process is complete, and customers respond with any notes for revisions, then download their retouched images, entirely in-site. Clients can place an order directly on Motive’s site, www.motiveretouching.com, as well as view samples, “before and after” images, and more information.

About Motive Retouching:
Motive Retouching offers professional headshot retouching, actor and model photo retouch and picture touch up services entirely online (www.motiveretouching.com). Based in Los Angeles, our team has spent years retouching headshots with leading photography studios and photo labs. Through our experience, connections and daily exposure to the entertainment industry, we know what casting directors and agents want in headshots, and we have the knowledge and the skills to make your images show your best YOU. To place an order or learn more, visit www.motiveretouching.com.

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