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Most Common Causes Of Heel Pain And How A Foot Doctor Can Help

Press Release: November 21, 2020

Many of our everyday activities involve our feet. While they are capable of handling heavy loads, receiving too much pressure, or getting exposed to certain surfaces can make them feel sore. The most common condition that involves feet and ankles is heel pain. And for it to be treated, you’d need help from an ankle specialist London.

Common Causes of Heel Pain

Your heel is the largest bone in your foot. Heel pain is commonly felt under this bone or in the area behind it.

When discussing with a foot surgeon London, you'd know that this kind of pain can actually be attributed to several different causes. But the most common ones are the following:

Plantar fasciitis. Plantar fascia refers to the tissue that supports the arch of your foot. When it gets overloaded or overstretched, it becomes inflamed and can cause the ache you feel in your heel.

Heel spur. When the plantar fascia experiences too much strain, it may lead to abnormal bone growth in the site where the said tissue connects with the heel bone. This bone is called a bone spur and may cause more pain to the patient.

Calcaneal apophysitis. With this underlying cause, the pain is felt at the back of the heel. This is commonly linked to increased sports activities or the wearing of a new pair of shoes.

Heel bursitis. While this condition -- wherein the so-called bursa (or the sac that makes joint movements easier) gets inflamed -- is commonly attributed to a structural issue of the foot, it can also be caused by wearing footwear with poor cushioning. When bursitis becomes severe, it can also cause an abnormal blend growth called pump bump.

Achilles tendonitis. This refers to the inflammation of the Achilles tendon and is more common in athletes whose sports involve jumping. This condition needs to be thoroughly examined as it can also be caused by gout or rheumatoid arthritis.

Local bruises. When your foot is accidentally bumps into a hard surface, it causes localised bruises that may bring pain to the heel and the surrounding area.

Because there are several possible causes behind heel pain, consulting a foot surgeon London is the right path to take. He or she will conduct a proper diagnosis and tests to better examine and treat your condition. Make sure that during your consultations, you communicate all necessary information -- including when did the pain start, the scale of the pain you're experiencing, and events or activities that might have triggered the condition.

Get Treatment From the Best

If you have a sore heel, it's best to consult an expert -- especially when the pain is severe, starts sporadically, and affects your daily routine. Martin Klinke is a trusted ankle specialist who can perform the whole spectrum of reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. With over 15 years of experience, he continuously learns new surgical techniques to deliver better services to his clients. Learn more about him at www.footanklelondon.com. You may book an appointment via phone (020 7403 4162) or via email ([email protected] or [email protected]).

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