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Mortgaging is Now Faster, More Affordable, and Free from Brokerage

Press Release: September 07, 2020

Taking a mortgage of one’s home has been considered to be a rather tedious process for most homeowners, irrespective of whether they are taking out their first, second or third mortgage. Keeping a track of the interest rates, aggregating the documents, and making the right decision – can have implications that last for years. 

Mortgaging should not be that complex, at least that is how the team at Zinga Mortgages looks at it. The team, with a total of 36 years of experience in the industry between all the four team members, has worked on creating a technology-driven offering. 

Zinga acts as a comprehensive data aggregating plus advisory offering that helps mortgage seekers get information on the best interest rates in the market along with custom advisory coming from experienced professionals. Instead of taking the conventional approach of aggregating data manually and letting robo-advisors take care of the rest, the team has engineered a platform that lets the machine do the data part and adds the human touch exactly where it’s necessary – in helping other humans find suitable solutions. 

Zinga Mortgages, one of the best mortgage advisors in UK, does not charge its clients any brokerage or fees. The platform has been operational for 5 months now and has already produced spectacular value for its clientele. 

Manooch Suree, Managing Director – “Mortgages tend to last across a tedious process. We want you to have a great quality of life, while you get an affordable mortgage. Our vision is to get you immense peace of mind as you enjoy living in your property, even with a mortgage.”


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