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MorSafe Power Morcellation Bag Receives CE

Press Release: July 13, 2015

MorSafe makes power morcellation safer for the European medical community

Veol Medical Technologies is pleased to announce that MorSafe, a tissue isolator bag designed specifically for use with a power morcellator, has received CE certification. The Versator System, which now encompasses the MorSafe bag, is now available in the European market.

MorSafe has been invented and designed to address the lack of enclosed bag alternatives in the market and it has been designed and indicated specifically for morcellation.

A power morcellator, used during laparoscopic surgeries to cut tissues involving hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) and myomectomy (removal of the uterine fibroids) has come under heavy scrutiny recently for the potential risks involved with the spread of uterine sarcoma, a type of cancer.

“MorSafe is the world’s first and currently the only approved isolation bag for power morcellation to my knowledge.” says Mangesh Patankar, CEO of Veol Medical Technologies. “With this technology we can now reach out to many more patients and offer them safer laparoscopic surgeries”

The majority of enclosed morcellation solutions currently being discussed involve the use of off the shelf specimen bags designed for use in various other procedures and adapting them for off-label use.

“I am hoping that many more doctors will get trained on the use of MorSafe worldwide” says Dinesh Diwakar, VP R&D. “We are dedicated to learning new innovative ways to make the surgery even better, easier and quicker. We have a series of new products in the pipeline and will ensure that we offer the best options to our clients in a timely manner”

“With the addition of MorSafe and its unique two port design, allowing for greater visibility for the surgeon, the Versator System is poised to become the solution of choice for many doctors world-wide” says Kevin Norris, VP Sales and Marketing. “MorSafe was available in some markets since September 2014 and hundreds of procedures have already been successfully performed thereby translating, potentially, into many lives saved.”

More information on Versator System, and latest related research, can be found on www.safemorcellation.com.

Regarding availability in your market, contact Veol Medical Technologies. This product is not yet available for sale in the USA.

About Veol Medical Technologies:

Veol Medical Technologies is based in Mumbai, India and is a product development firm specializing in the development of products in the fields of Gynecology, Urology and Women’s Health. The company is ISO 13485:2012 certified and strives to provide innovative medical solutions to the healthcare community that assist in providing better patient outcomes while reducing overall costs. Mr. Norris is based in Toronto, Canada.

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