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More UK homes benefit from two-way voice monitoring thanks to Securacom4security

Press Release: October 19, 2016

Securacom4security, a Leeds-based alarm security company has introduced a new range of two-way voice monitored alarms thanks to its investment in new technology.

Anthony Carney, Securacom4security’s head of engineering and development states: ‘We have developed the technology to offer homeowners and business-owners with a security solution that provides real-time security and protection, whilst at the same time gives maximum privacy for the user.”

The company claims interest for its two-way voice monitored alarm systems has already generated enquiries from customers wishing to upgrade they traditional burglar alarms.

Two-way voice monitoring is nothing new in the US and some European countries. However, Securacom4security states UK homeowners and business-owners have also started to see the real benefits offered by two-way voice monitoring when compared to those offered by traditional bells-only systems.

The difference between two-way voice monitoring systems and traditional burglar alarms is primarily in the way an alarm is responded to. Bells-only alarms systems are completely dependent on someone hearing the alarm and choosing to react. The downside to this type of alarm is nowadays when people hear a burglar alarm ringing they immediately think it's a false alarm. Two-way voice monitoring systems however are connected to an alarm-receiving centre, which means in the event of the alarm system being activated someone will automatically respond within seconds.

An additional benefit associated with two-way voice monitored alarms includes the reduction of false alarms. Plus, if needed, the alarm-receiving centre will call the emergency services.

“Nowadays, a two-way voice monitoring alarm system can cost the same as a traditional bells-only alarm, with the only real difference in cost being the monthly monitoring fee, which can be as little as £0.70p per day - less than a cup of coffee.

If you would like information about installing a Securacom4security visit their website: securacom4security.com or call Jason on Tel: 0844 879 7663, or email: jason@securacom4security.com for an information pack.

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