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MORBiZ Releases New Tips for Writing Business Blogs

Press Release: February 05, 2021

MORBiZ has released a new cheat sheet for business owners looking for blog ideas for their websites. A blog offers many benefits for business websites, including providing information to customers and boosting the website's SEO. For full details and more ideas on the following types of blogs that are beneficial for a business website, visit morbiz.com/news.

How To Blogs
No matter what line of work you’re in, chances are you can offer some "how to" tips in your blog. These sorts of keyword rich blogs make you easier to find online and entice people to learn more by getting in touch with you.

Listicles Blogs
List articles, or listicles as they’ve become known, are a popular type of blog that generally have a title that starts with, "Top 10…" or, "5 Ways to…" or really any number and then a topic.

News Announcements
Got big news in the business? Use your blog to share it! Legitimate news announcements surrounding new goods and services, changes in leadership, contracts awarded, new projects completed or even a new shop dog make great topics for blogs.

Staff Highlights
Highlighting staff members in your blog will boost your connection with the community by attaching faces to your business. Consider conducting brief interviews with employees that showcase their role and give them a chance to talk about why they love working at your company.

Tips & Tricks Blogs
If you’ve started a business, chances are you’ve probably got some tricks up your sleeve. By sharing insider knowledge you can build trust with current and potential customers. You don’t have to give away your secret recipes for success, but offering a little guidance can go a long way.

Helpful and informational blog posts are excellent for sharing on social media, keeping customers in the loop and boosting SEO. Be sure to read the full blog to get more information and ideas at www.morbiz.com/5-types-of-blogs-to-write-for-your-business-website. If you have any questions contact MORBiZ at 1-855-266-7249 or fill out the handy contact form at https://www.morbiz.com/web-contact-form.

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