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MORBiZ Releases New Platform to Capture Customer Reviews on Video

Press Release: July 09, 2020

MORBiZ has launched a new platform called Video WebStar that allows business owners and managers to easily capture real customer reviews in a beautifully branded and produced video. Users can then share these testimonials on their website, social media channels, and via email newsletters to help grow their business’ reputation online and off. This feature, which is part of MORBiZ’s WebStar Reputation Automation technology, is accessed via a branded dashboard that provides all the tools necessary to produce a professional review video that includes a logo, music and a call to action. The simple to use system results in video reviews that are ready to share with the world.

This affordable, or possibly free, video marketing suite lets business owners capture positive video reviews from real customers in just three simple steps. There is no need to schedule a video shoot, buy camera gear or hire a costly production crew. To create a stunning video review a user simply needs to do the following.

1. Identify Potential Reviewers - The first step in collecting a positive video review is to find a customer who would be willing to offer a great testimonial for the business.

2. Send the Request - Next, the user will use the Video WebStar dashboard to send an email request to the customer. In this dashboard the user can add their business’ logo, choose the music to play in the background and select a call to action. The email the customer receives will include a link that allows them to record their testimonial on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Alternatively, a customer can be given a link to the website where the video reviews widget is active, and they can record from there.

3. Review & Publish - After the customer submits a video, the user simply reviews and can either publish or delete if it is not favorable. A video can be published directly to a website or downloaded to share on YouTube, Facebook or other social media channels.

According to recent surveys, 90% of consumers are influenced by online reviews. Video also gets 1200% more shares than text and images combined, which makes it easy to see the power of video testimonials. Providing customers with a platform to share their voice, and having the ability to control which reviews get posted to a website and social media, provides potential patrons a fresh way to learn about a business.

Visit our website to see Video WebStar in action. Contact MORBiZ now to learn more about this must have web marketing tool and to find out how you can get it for free when combined with other MORBiZ services. Our team of Internet marketing professionals would be happy to share real success stories from local business owners just like you who found a great way to leverage video marketing - all without yelling lights, camera, action! Give MORBiZ a call toll free at 855-266-7249 or contact us at www.morbiz.com/web-contact-form. We look forward to working with you!

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MORBiZ has launched a new marketing tool called Video WebStar that allows business owners to easily capture real customer reviews in a beautifully branded and produced video that is ready to share anywhere online.

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