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MORBiZ Publishes New Blog on Must Know SEO Terms

Press Release: January 06, 2021

MORBiZ, a leader in local web presence campaigns for small businesses, has issued a new guide of seven key terms to understanding SEO. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of optimizing a website to increase its chances of being found at or near the top of organic search results. There are many tactics for optimizing a website so it is more likely to be highly ranked on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or elsewhere. SEO methods include the use of keywords, title tagging and other on and off site actions. To fully understand SEO, one must know several key terms, including the following.

ALT Text
When a search engine is looking for results it analyzes data about images on a page as well, but it isn’t looking at the actual photos. ALT text is a description of the photo embedded in a site’s HTML code that is read by search engines.

Breaking site content into sections and using headings is a great way to improve onsite SEO. Headings are generally placed inside a header tag, such as H1 or H2, which presents the headings in a larger or bolder font.

Search Ranking
A site’s search ranking is the position in which it shows up on a search engine ranking page (SERP). The goal of SEO and SEM is to boost a website’s search ranking to the number one spot at the top of the SERP.

The new blog from MORBiZ includes four more key terms you need to know to fully understand SEO. It can be read at www.morbiz.com/news. There are many, many strategies for improving SEO on and off a website. In today’s online world, enhancing SEO is a critical component of business success. To maximize the effectiveness of your website it is wise to partner with a team of professional search engine marketing experts. At MORBiZ, our team has more than two decades of experience doing just that. To learn more about our services, please call 1-855-266-7249 or contact us via the simple form at www.morbiz.com/web-contact-form. We look forward to improving your business' bottom line with local Internet marketing expertise.

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