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MORBiZ Publishes New Blog on B2C Content Creation

Press Release: August 05, 2020

MORBiZ has released a new blog to help business owners and marketers, often the same person in small companies, create business to consumer (B2C) content that builds relationships and sells your product or service. Sure, content may aim to entertain, boost SEO value, provide thoughtful inquiry, or offer insider knowledge, but ultimately, it’s published to attract potential buyers. To get them to pull the trigger, so to speak, you must first make them feel something. From product descriptions to landing pages, your content may instill fear, desire or hope. Whatever the sales tactic, it mustn't push people away. Visit www.morbiz.com/relationship-building-b2c-content-creation-tips to read the new blog from MORBiZ that will help you build stronger relationships with your customers. Check out these highlights from MORBiZ's new B2C content creation blog.

Empathizing with Your Clients
It is important to remember that many businesses rely on customers using their services because something not so great happened to them. Auto shops thrive off broken down cars and body shops make their money on accidents, and so do many lawyers. Pest control companies tend to hear from people only when facing infestations. If your business falls into a line of work that is often needed when things are not going quite right, it is important to sympathize with potential clients in the content you publish. When writing content, think in terms such as...

- We’re here for you in these ways…
- Our team cares about your situation...
- We’ve earned a reputation for…
- We know that if you’re using our services, things may not be going as planned. That’s why we do our best to...

Energize your Call to Action
B2C content, including web pages, blogs and newsletters, should not come on too strong, but it also needs to reinforces your customer’s wants and needs. "If" statements work well for this, as in, "If your car is giving you trouble, call us to schedule expert auto repair in City." Not only does this reiterate what your services are and the fact that you're skilled at them, but it puts your customers at ease as they will understand that you’re there when you need them, whether that is now or at a later date. Additionally, this type of CTA adds keywords that will benefit organic SEO efforts to attract local customers.

As a small business owner, creating content that consumers will relate to and act on is tough, especially when you’ve got 100 other tasks to complete! If you’re on the hunt for excellent B2C content creation, the web marketing experts at MORBiZ are standing by. Our content team will craft web pages, blogs and social media posts using language that gets a proven response from consumers. To learn more about how we can assist with your business content creation needs, please give us a call at 1-855-266-7249 or fill out this contact form at www.morbiz.com/web-contact-form and we will be in touch with you soon!

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