Press Release: August 23, 2020

Bangalore, August 22nd, 2020, Scaleinch, one among the top interior designers in Indiranagar, Bangalore always aims to offer imaginative tips to provide your home exquisite designs as per every season of the year. This monsoon 2020, we are coming up with an exceptional makeover to your dream home in the most warming way.

Monsoon seasons are the most expected season of the year, in India, we start planting few crops with the arrival of rain. Although winds are irregular and uncertain they unify the entire country with the smell of damp sand and which brings the most-needed aid from the hot summer. It is the season where people at home tend to stay indoors rather than being out. Everyone at the family gets back home before the rain starts in the evening. It is the time where we all love to sip the tea sitting in our own balcony while enjoying the splash of rain at the window sill.

We are here sharing you quite a few quirky ideas to amplify the appearance of your home interiors to enjoy the coziness of your home staying indoor amid the pandemic by following the safety and hygiene standards ensuring 100% reliable and trusted services. 

Bring home wind chimes:

Enjoy the most loved sweet melodies whispered through the winds of the monsoon from the chimes that are hanged in the balcony ceiling.

Welcome home colorful add-on:

Integrate your home with unique and colored accessories that add idiosyncrasy to space in making your home look more versatile like, throwing up the colorful cushions, adding bright colors that synchronize with the mood of the monsoon.

Organize your home with blossoms with natural aroma:

Organize your balcony area or your living room with a bunch of flowers filling centerpiece of your home that nourishes and inspires your mind, body, and soul that apt the season.

Dynamic monsoon colors:

As the golden reddish light of a sun low in the sky, the storm provides a dark backdrop hue and hence offer dull toned color inside the home. For that reason, always choose energetic colors for the wall that brightens up the indoor space, add fresh vibes of colors for the pieces of furniture, use dark-toned cushions, sofa covers, bedspreads, etc.

Add carpets to your floor:

In the monsoon season, carpets and rugs play an important role and need to be given special care that contains disease, dirt, mud, etc. Use some solvent to remove dirt or stains from the carpet, or vacuum clean the rugs regularly to keep away the moisture and dust.

Apply scented candles to your room:

Scented candles set the mood by creating a beautiful and pleasant aroma in your home such that they help in relaxing and let slip the stress, also the smell of the scented candles stimulates the limbic system.

Overhaul your entryway:

Create visual interest in the entryway of your home. Add some umbrella stand wherein you don't mess up the foyer area by placing the used umbrella that is wet, maintain an open compact shoe rack to organize footwear, and offer clutter-free space.

Apart from these decorating tips, follow and maintain the practical needs of your home ensuring your safety during monsoon.

Sort the seepage:

Get the roofs and drainage checks with the professionals, prevent leakages of any by sealing the cracks, and ensure there is no rainwater leakage through any source that disturbs the normal life living during the monsoon.

Check the wiring system:

If there are any unattended electrical wiring systems, fix them on a priority basis, it becomes important to fix them first considering safety for your family members.

Team Scaleinch venture hard to bring the best for its valuable customers. We provide the best services to ensure quality work and to maintain the perfect relationship between the company and the customer by offering various ideas matching the seasons, festive, etc.

Scaleinch is a one-stop solution for all your interior care offering end-to-end services on a turnkey basis. We bring your home an everlasting impression suiting your budget and lifestyle. Our business was established in the year 2008 and running over a decade with the intension to achieve business satisfying customers. Within a span of 12 years, SI has designed around a wide range of homes meeting all requirements of the people in and around Karnataka.

Our Founder, Mr. Naushad Shaffi a trendsetter in the field of construction and interiors, not only manages the team but also initiates with trending ideas and practical solutions to the entire Scaleinch for the well-being of the king customer.

Our Founder/Managing Director is a firm believer of customer delight, who drives the business with the passion and thus Scaleinch is groomed to be a continuously learning organization under his professional leadership. His commitments along with tremendously growing design trends following the latest strategy offer the clients with the best raw material – Superior quality waterproof Plywood with varied laminates as per user preference and amazing services at affordable prices.

Scaleinch is a leading and top interior designer in Bangalore possessing the manufacturing unit crafting the purest designs with no hidden and providing EMI options for its customers and we bring every inch of your interiors to life.

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