Home Monitored smoke detector from Securacom4Security saves life

Monitored smoke detector from Securacom4Security saves life

Press Release: October 05, 2016

Home Security gets a development upgrade thanks to the clever boffins working in Securacom’s engineering dept.

Securacom have a good reputation for their range of security alarm systems for homes and business across the North of England, but now, thanks to their team of engineers the technology company can boast about its range of two-way audio monitoring; a security solution that is popular across parts of Europe and North America.

A benefit of two-way audio monitoring is that it provides a real-time solution that bridges the gap between greater security and greater privacy. This means homeowners’ and business owners’ privacy cannot be by-passed, because the secure link, which is established once an alarm is triggered, can only be started by the end-user.

The benefits of installing a two-way audio monitored alarm from Securacom4security includes real-time response from security personnel working at a secure, UK-based monitoring station. Also, false alarms are dealt with quickly, which saves key holders time, as well as averting unnecessary responses by the emergency services. Faulty alarms are also detected, helping to maintain system efficiency, although annual servicing and maintenance is still required to ensure alarm functionality.

Anthony Carney, head of engineering and development at Securacom states: ‘Keeping ahead of technology innovations ensures our customers benefit from the latest state-of-the-art alarms systems.’

Securacom two-way audio monitoring has also helped save lives. A particular incident recalled by Anthony was when a customer’s life was saved after their house was set on fire when a firework was put through their letterbox. It was only the quick reactions of the monitoring staff after they were alerted by the customer’s monitored smoke alarm that prevented things becoming fatal.

“Homeowners and business owners are starting to understand the benefits of installing monitored alarm systems. We are even starting to see more and more customers requesting to upgrade their bells-only intruder alarms to a two-way audio monitored system.” Added Martin Mann, MD of Securacom.

Although not the only company to provide two-way audio monitoring in the UK, Securacom have become known as early pioneers and are maintaining their position as a leading provider of monitored security alarms because of their investment in research and development.

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