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Money making methods with ClickBank and CJ affiliates

Press Release: June 25, 2015

In the world of affiliate marketing, person has to be persistent as well as aggressive in order to be successful. People can work either as advertisers or publishers. When working as an advertiser, one has to carefully consider what products or services exactly to advertise, and also must be ready to spend clickbank affiliates advertising, money in order to be more effective in targeting the audience that he wants for a particular product or service he has chosen. There are several methods that one can use to make money both with ClickBank and CJ (Commission Junction) affiliates. With CJ, you can be assured of quality services since CJ is regarded as one of the best marketing networks in the world. Practically the same affiliate marketing methods of money making can be applied to both CJ and ClickBank.
In order to succeed while using these two affiliate networks, you must at all costs avoid the method of marketing where one simply selects a single ClickBank product or service to promote. If you are using a landing page always have more than one product there, then traffic is directed to it with PPC advertising, and profit is gained. The problem with this method is that not all affiliate markets can do this efficiently and those indulging in this method run a high chance of online marketing misspending. This model is also quite unstable, because it requires spending quite a sum of money, just to gather a lot of traffic at the landing page without really knowing whether or not all that traffic will be converted into sales.
The best method to use this in affiliate marketing is advertising and repeatedly drawing back same customers. In affiliate marketing, you really have to focus on getting back your customers in order to run good business. This is because regular customers are likely to keep buying more products form you thus building your business. The regular customer method is the most effective because it is cheaper to market to a regular customer than it is to get a new one. What is the best way to achieve this? The answer is: SupportingAds.com.

With SupportingAds, you are likely to generate regular customers because this network displays adverts in publishers’ websites which are listed within their own internal database. SupportingAds.com analyzes your advertisements and displays them to appropriate people within their network, hence this way it is easier to generate new as well as attract your old customers back to you.

After using SupportingAds.com to make some money through ClickBank and CJ, you can proceed and use the method that will guarantee you more success when it comes to affiliate marketing. The steps that you can use to achieve this are: Selecting a series of ClickBank and CJ products which are of the same sort or similar to each other to promote. You can also use eBooks to promote these products (if they are provided at CJ or ClickBank), by giving them away for free from your landing page and sending them to a squeeze page with a goal of gathering your customers emails. You will also need an email auto responder in order to organize all the traffic you have and keep sending it to sale pages for different products.

Once this step is done and you have some audience of your own, you can go ahead and keep sending emails with your new offers. Just seize the traffic coming to any of your squeeze pages to sell more ClickBank and the CJ products. Once the above methods have been applied to the letter success is sure to follow. This is because unlike the method

mentioned above, this method offers ample opportunity to build base of your own customers. It provides a chance for you to constantly communicate with your customers through constant emails. By applying this method while using SupportingAds.com one can be assured of making easy money with ClickBank and CJ affiliates.


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