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Money and Kids: WOW, I AM RICH ! (I): Roshni gets her first money lesson

Press Release: July 27, 2019

Turn your child into a money genius.
Simple and solid financial education for young kids.

How do you teach your kids money saving values and train them to be financially savvy. Lessons which you would have benefited from as a young child, inculcating in you sound financial wisdom.

Money and Kids: WOW, I AM RICH ! (I): Roshni gets her first money lesson is an important children's story imparting valuable financial education and skills which parents can impart to their children.

This story is an important and valuable lesson shared by a loving mother to her beloved daughter, where she shares her secrets for managing an important asset - Money. She teaches her daughter how to properly handle the allowances that she receives during the month and over the course of the year. Told using simple language, the story imparts some of the most beneficial financial lessons for young children. These are the words of a wise mom, who is training little children at an early age to be successful and rich kids.

Dr. Rachna Walia Talwar holds a Doctorate in Social Sciences from the University of St. Gallen and has studied at the Sciences Po, or Paris Institute of Political Studies, Paris, where she pursued her Masters . She lives in Switzerland with her husband and 9 years old daughter, Roshni, who was an inspiration for Rachna to write stories for children. Manish C. Talwar holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a Diploma in Business Finance (DBF) from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA). He works as a corporate professional in the oft converging areas of Finance, Controlling and Information Technology

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