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Mole catching across lancashire

Press Release: April 20, 2010

April is a plum time of year for mole activity to be seen, mainly because grass has been eaten back by livestock or just withered in gardens and verges so that it makes mole hills all the more easy to spot.
Since the snow has subsided the moles seem to be digging more than ever at the moment, they are all the more noticeable as they push their hills up amongst the snow.
Since the banning of strychnine in September 2006, now both on large scale jobs on farms and in gardens Assured Environmental use traps to catch moles and are experts in mole trapping lancashire. The traps are humane so there is no suffering involved, and it is a job that is carried out with expertise. Moles control in lancashire can be the most infuriating thing to a keen gardener, especially when mole hills appear on the lawn.
Setting mole traps is incredibly skilful; people often see mole catchers with dirty hands and muddy knees after setting several traps, ideally the very bottom line is that we are trying to insert a trap into a mole run and make it seem that it had been there forever so that the mole doesnt notice it when he comes along. Once the mole is caught normality returns to the garden.
Trapping up a whole farm on the other hand is a very lengthy and painstaking job. For that quad bikes are used with specially designed boxes to carry traps and equipment.

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