Home Moiggi Interactive had just launched their new app designed to convert photos into something more artistic.

Moiggi Interactive had just launched their new app designed to convert photos into something more artistic.

Press Release: January 03, 2016

The modern technology allows people to easily edit their favorite photos within seconds, even if they have no photography skills or knowledge whatsoever. Unlike couple years ago where people can only use the computer for photo editing, now they can do the exact same task and much more with only their handset. With the right app, smartphone users can also do the photo conversion with only few finger taps and swipes. The fact is, there are hundreds photo editing apps available in the market, designed for all platforms. However, only few among them that are able to offer satisfying photo editing result, one of them is Arto.Lite: Watercolor Photo.

The name said it all. Arto.Lite is an app designed specifically to help users edit photos and images into watercolor painting. This is a great and simple way for anyone who wants to convert their ordinary photo into something more artistic and beautiful. The app utilizes the watercolor painting effect that will be applied to any photos or images being opened with the app and then to provide the result by any seconds. Users can save much of their time and effort converting their favorite photos into something looks more beautiful and enchanting. It also offer new way for anyone to give second live to their old photos.

Even everyday photo that look ugly can be made to look beautiful with this simple app. Even if they have no idea on how to do the editing, they can always count on the Arto.Lite for the simplest yet fastest way to create watercolor photos from their old photo collections. This will save them a lot of time and confusions doing all these things way around. There is no need to ask help from expert to do so and the best thing is they can do all these photo conversion while on the go. Their smartphone will be their new mobile photo watercolor conversion studio they can grab it whenever they need to.

And today, Arto.Lite by Moiggi Interactive is available at Google Play market for anyone to download and install to their phone for free. Yes no payment should be made for anyone to get this simple photo effect app. They can just simply get into Google Play, download the app, get it installed, and simply run the app for instant photo conversion. And yes, the app offers flexible photo resolution output so users can choose between 800p to 1280p according to their need.

More information please visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.moiggi.arto.watercolor.lite

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