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Mohsen Avid Iranian rapper with courage

Press Release: November 21, 2020

Mohsen Avid Iranian rapper

Mohsen Avid was born in Iran, he was born on September 8, 1993, his ability is singing, composing music, writing poetry, etc.

He entered the field of rap professionally at the age of 14 and was able to sing a very influential music about the internal situation in Iran in the same year, and this attracted a lot of attention to him.

After that, music began to make political and social music and hip hop and rap styles,

He has a very relaxed personal life and is interested in drinking tea in cold weather and writing poetry. He says this is a memory my mother left me.


He was always present in rap singing and appointments related to rap, and he has worked a lot for Persian rap.


One of Mohsen Avid's most famous songs is called Rap Life, and in an interview he said that he had even reduced his daily eating and sleeping for this music for a week, and had put all his focus on this music, and finally this music. It caused a lot of feedback from music distribution networks such as pmc, nex, etc.


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