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Modular kitchen interior color coding design

Press Release: May 26, 2020

Top design and decorating mistakes you are making and the way to effectively solve them we're just getting to run through my list and really not only are these design and decorating mistakes but they're some interiors so let's jump right into. It you decide on your paint color first i do know this sounds a touch bit backwards but within the interior design industry you usually pick paint last paint is usually the primary thing that gets installed during a construction phase but every great designer knows that paint is that the last item you select why is that this you.


Basically want paint to match all of your interior decor you'll not just slap a bit of neutral color on the walls then detect all of your furnishings and clearly they do not match that's the quickest way you will have an area that does not scream designer the rationale why you would like to select your paint glass is because a paint might be custom match to anything within the space as an example if you're selecting paint for a kitchen the focal on your modern kitchen design would be your kitchen so until you work out what color your wall is and every one of the accompanying accessories that accompany it your area rub your nightstands your bedding maybe even the drapery in back you would like to form sure that each one of those colors go together they vibe together with your style then you can custom match or paint or pick something from thousands of paint color decks to match the remainder of the space that is how you get a very unique space that appears very high-end


I can't tell you ways repeatedly my friends my family like even old clients text me on the fly and that they always ask Homular like what is the hottest paint color immediately like what color should I paint my house and i am like well what does your house appear as if what color is your furniture what color are your drapery treatments in fact colors of your furniture change from kitchen so it is often an honest rule of thumb to work out what the focus is therein particular kitchen and therefore the select your paint color around that another decorating mistake you would possibly be making is buying matching furniture have you ever


ever noticed in your parents home where you walk into a kitchen and that they have like matching nightstands with an identical dresser then an identical tallboy then an identical like mirror right above the dresser that's the fastest thanks to make your kitchen look completely still we aren't talking about the ad sort of matchy-matchy everything what you would like to try to to within the modern-day is to vary it up if you've got an excellent painted dresser you'll try matching it up with nightstands and birch or sort of a really beautiful distressed driftwood color what you would like to try to to is have your furniture coordinate but not be completely match match that way once you start changing out different pieces of furniture all you've got to try to to is search for coordinating. color or coordinating design element and it will still look really beautiful .

space an equivalent rule applies from kitchen sets to hardware to finishes and fixtures as an example when it involves a kitchen you do not need to match all of your hardware to your fixtures if you had a matte black chandelier hanging directly over your Island you'll have really beautiful antique brass hardware on your cabinets and your drawers can even coordinate with an identical brass fixture or your faucet mixing metals makes your space look really contemporary very current and right trend.

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