Press Release: April 09, 2020

The USSR (United Soviet Socialist republics) was known as the Largest Socialist Republic on the World Map and had its behest on the one-sixth of the world territories on the Globe from 1922-1991. It was Governed by the sole authority of the single Majority of the Communist Party of the Joseph Stalin. That was heavily influenced by the Socialist Ideology of the Marxism and Leninism with the main focus upon the “Centralized Command Economy,” which converted the USSR into a real Dictatorship Rule and the same carried out for quite a bigger era from 1922-1991.

Thanks to the entry of the Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev in 1985 as the Party General Secretary of Communist Party of The Soviet Union, who later on elevated to the President of the USSR in 1991; initial Gorbachev was also under the thick influence of the Ideology of the Communist party. But as the economy and social life of People of the USSR went deteriorated by the time and collapsed every factor of life since the brutality of the socialist system were now resultantly coming out of the socialist era after completing the absolute circle of the system within 70 or 71 years.

And Gorbachev was the witness of the intimidations of the system from his youth and went against this Marxism by the time till he reached maturity. After deep observations, he unintentionally moved towards the policy of Glasnost (Openness) and Perestroika. Glasnost was meant to allow the Freedom of speech and Press whereas the Perestroika was meant to restructuring the Economy to decentralized the Decisions to overcome the shortcomings and brutalities of the Marxist era, which basically undermined the one party state and led USSR to the Multi-Party system the real outbreak of the Communist-Socialist hegemony and soon after the USSR fragmented into the Several Independent states.

When we look at the nomothetic of the CAA, NPR, and NRC, we can see irrespective of the Back End Ideologies and the main theme of the Glasnost Policies and Perestroika reforms the same may lead to India towards the fragmentation. However, some reverse picturesque can be seen as Gorbachev was progressive, introduced the reformist agenda to flourish the USSR future and to liberate the downtrodden classes of the society under the lethal inquisitions of the communist-Socialist Regime.

Whereas the Modi Agenda looks the reversal of Glasnost and Perestroika, and he wants to convert democratic India into a one-party rule for The infinite time under the immense influence of RSS ( Rashtriya Sevak Sung) Ideology. Though apparently seems to be committed with Gandhi’s India but coveting undercover the RSS theme and can be of the disastrous impact upon the future territorial integrity of India.

Here starts the visionary test of this new Indian Gorbachev. Since the Russian leader worked for the liberation of the people, to give them freedom and liberty of the speech, to promote their financial conditions to uplift the ways of independent lives, open the nest of forceful lives of the people under one identity and so on. And if someone wanted to match we can see the reverse process in the Modi’s Agenda; since he wanted to deprive the people of India from freedom of speech and expression (Expression when he says “Log kapron se pehchan Len gay”), and one of his cabinet member (“Bhojan se pata chala keh wo Bengali hen”), want to convert under one identity (Just Hindu). And at the verge of snatching their Identities as Indians from the centuries over by applying this new agenda of CAA, NPR, and NRC.

However, The Indian nation has seen and enjoyed some benefits of the Democracy chronologically. They can foresee the future of the outcome these draconian laws and schemes of the BJP-RSS led Govt of Modi and have started massive protests countrywide including all genders, races, and minorities since Modi has targeted all the classes of the society very covertly intrinsically and the world is waiting for the outcome of this turmoil in the near future.

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