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Modest Islamic Brand Haiqah to open a new showroom at East Shopping Centre London

Press Release: November 18, 2017

The well-known Modest Islamic clothing brand Haiqah hailing from London announced that it will soon come with a new showroom at the East Shopping Centre. The Europe’s First Purpose-Built Boutique South Asian Shopping Mall Specialising in Asian Wedding Dresses & Fashion.
As the East Asian population is on the rise in United Kingdom, it was certain that someone would come up with a shopping mall like the East Shopping Centre. The mall has almost all the noticeable brands that you can think of. The beauty of the mall is that it is the true incarnation of eastern culture.
On this occasion the spokesperson from Haiqah said “It is indeed a big occasion for us. We wanted to become a brand to reckon with, but the progress would be so fast was never on our cards. It is a success story like no other. We had to battle our way through hardships and compete with well-known brands. Anyhow, the experience of creating a brand from thin air has been very rewarding and exceptional.”
It will be a thing to watch Haiqah compete with other established brands at a battleground that will favour the most creative and out of the box brands.

About Haiqah
Haiqah is a Modest Islamic clothing brand that specializes in creating a look that is stylish yet modest. You can choose from work wears to evening dresses. The fabric used are chosen keeping in mind the ultimate comfort of the wearer.

East Shopping Centre
Unit 28
232 Green Street,
London, E7 8LE, UK

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