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ModernCare Travel Like a VIP "Luxury Healthcare On Demand"

Press Release: October 31, 2016

ModernCare is making it possible for the modern day traveler to seek out and receive "on demand" healthcare in the comfort of their hotel room. Connecting Travelers and Medical providers on a scalable level is the ultimate goal. It's also the biggest challenge. There are many reasons why some consider this platform unrealistic, however; there is no reason for travelers leave their hotel room for a non emergency medical incident. According to multiple studies, over 80% percent of all ER visits can be completed in an "urgent care" setting.

ModernCare is elevating the traveler experience by focusing on health first. Having a platform for hotels, providers, and travelers are a game changer. It opens so many opportunities and benefits everyone. Medical Providers and healthcare clinicians have the ability to deliver immediate care outside of their normal practice. Giving more opportunities for medical providers, services, and vendors is needed now more than ever. A major incentive for providers is private cash pay. Most Concierge Medicine offers this model. Insurance coverage can be confusing and very difficult for travelers going out of state or the country. On the other side, the insurance ecosystem is a mess for providers. Reimbursement rates, dealing with claims, and the day to day hassles all starts to add up. ModernCare offers both "On-site" and "virtual" care to accommodate both parties. Ultimately, it depends on what the guest needs.

Founder & CEO, Jordan Armstrong, said, "We are very excited to be here in Scottsdale AZ. The feedback and support from the hotels are very encouraging. The number of hotels wanting to utilize ModernCare for their guests is astonishing. Our niche is in the travel and hospitality industry. We see "visitors" as an emerging untapped market, as traveling continues to boom."

Launching mid-November, ModernCare will be conducting an ongoing pilot program to demonstrate proof of concept. Armstrong said, "We want to start locally and actively refine and improve our product and services. The goal is to offer a wonderful experience for both travelers and providers. I think healthcare as a whole can learn a lot from the hospitality industry. There's a reason why hotels, resorts, casinos, and other hospitality groups focus so much on the consumer. If you don't strive to "wow" them- eventually they find someone who will."

If you are traveling and in need of urgent care services, then you might want to consider ModernCare. Staying away from the Emergency Room has its perks- it can be very expensive, time consuming, and inconvenient. Another important note is the lack of available options during unconventional hours. Where would you go at 12:30am and needed immediate care attention?

ModernCare is a Next-Gen digital healthcare platform connecting travelers and healthcare providers. The company focuses on the travel & hospitality market. Modeling high end touted hotels, ModernCare almost acts like an extension of a hotel. By delivering first class service, it is the perfect matchmaking solution for those seeking Luxury healthcare on demand. For more information, please visit www.modern.care

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