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Press Release: January 19, 2017

We cannot calculate the total number of vehicles running on the road but we are sure that it is a huge number. As per the estimate of an automotive trade journal, Ward’s Auto, approximately 1 billion vehicles that were commuting on the road in the year 2010 and this number is expected to rise with the change in time. As per the research of Navigant, the light-duty vehicles contribute to 95% of the total vehicles running on the road and the vehicles that are driven every day will cross the mark of 1.2 billion. With so many vehicles running on the road, it becomes important to control them and manage the traffic effectively. This has given rise to the need of effective and intelligent traffic management.
This brings us to Houston System, a company that has long been in existence and is one the leading provider of various traffic management and toll management solution. Thanks to the advent of modern technology, we have many devices that help in easy and effective traffic management. Some of the commonly used devices include boom barriers, automatic boom barrier, barrier gate etc. These are some of the commonly used methods of traffic management.
Boom barriers have a long history and they have been used in their manual version since ages but with the change in time and up-gradation of technology we now have the automated version of these. Not only these devices are easy to operate but are energy efficient too. Their low cost and low maintenance need also make it a popular choice for traffic management.
Even the toll booths have their presence since they restrict the exit and entry of vehicles, it is easy to streamline the traffic flow, ensure safety and reduce chaos on the road. Since the demand for boom barrier and tries management solutions is on a high, there are many companies that have mushroomed around but only a few have been able to live up to the promise of delivering superior quality products. Houston System is one such company that has worked in coherence with the change of technology and implemented the same in any device they manufacture under their roof. Houston System does not have proficiency in terms of technology and team of experts but their in-house Research & Development Team which persistently works on innovating the current technology and developing the new one.
Coming to the automatic boom barriers, they are used to ensure high-end security at a particular place. Since they work in sync with an access control system which can be either biometric, remote controlled, push button or any other form of access controlling medium, these devices complexly restricts the entry of an unauthorized vehicle. Unless the access is granted by the controlling authority.
In the times to come, these toll management solutions or traffic management devices are surely going to improve and companies like Houston System are going to bring forth a new version of boom barriers. You can log on to their website and collect more information regarding new ways of toll management and traffic control system.

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