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Modern Consumers Prefer To Be Engaged Through Social Media According To Reality Digital

Press Release: December 10, 2009

Social media comes in a variety of forms, from simply sharing small status updates to watching streams of high quality video content. Reality Digital has indicated that audiences who use social media are much easier to engage with, and that the conversations that develop are of far more value.

There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, direct brand consumer interaction provides a much deeper level of engagement than normal marketing tactics; the horizontal influence factor of social media makes consumers feel that they are on the same level as the brands. Furthermore, social media facilitates the creation of an online presence and brand personality; users will feel much more comfortable engaging in conversation with a brand if they have a forthcoming demeanor and are personable in nature.

Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, said: The power that social media gives to brands, to be able to go out into the online social space and converse directly with consumers, is very valuable indeed. Brands can now actively discover what makes their customers tick, and also have the opportunity to attend to any negative conversations around their brand and resolve any customer problems, turning those conversations into positive ones.

Reality Digitals Opus social networking application gives businesses the power to engage their consumers with a multitude of different features, all designed to enrich their brand experience. The software can be used to create either a stand alone network dedicated to a brand, or to add specific social media functionality to an existing brand website. Features such as media sharing and a high definition video platform allow for user generated content, further facilitating engagement, whilst each community can be monetised through video and network advertising space.

For more information on Reality Digital Opus, please visit realitydigital.com.

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