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ModelzOnly - New Platform That Allows Influencers to Gain Profit From Their Subscribers

Press Release: December 09, 2019

ModelzOnly is a new platform that connects models with their fans, while models can monetize their profile from the subscriptions.

A new platform based on a paid subscription will be launched soon. ModelzOnly is a new platform that allows models and not limited to photographers, videographers, modeling agencies, and modeling managers to share their exclusive content to their fans and followers. It is based on a monthly and yearly subscription fee. Hence, this platform offers content creators & influencers freedom and freely control their content and receiving unlimited profit from their fans by way of their subscription fees.

Nowadays, social media such as Facebook and Instagram are becoming popular platforms in the modeling and entertainment industry. Influencers and content creators are using these platforms to share their latest news with their subscribers in the form of photos and videos. As well as photographers, modeling agencies, videographers, and modeling managers are using these platforms to share their work and creative content. These social media websites are beneficial for influencers to gain hundreds or even millions of subscribers. Unfortunately, they can't afford to make a profit directly. To access their exclusive content, their subscribers have to go through third parties such as Patreon. This makes ModelzOnly.com superior compared to similar platforms.

As a leading model subscription-based website, ModelzOnly has advantages for both models and their fans. For models, they can fully control their content, as well as set their profile subscription fee. Other benefits are, they can upload multiple videos via Video on Demand (VOD) & sets their prices for their fans, store their digital content, and chat with their fans. With this platform, models and influencers can sell access to their exclusive content, videos, or photos stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, and another premium social media feeds. For fans/subscribers, they can directly chat with models they followed, view to model's exclusive content such as private photos or videos. Other benefits are the subscribers can choose subscriptions period they liked, such as monthly based, or yearly based. Additionally, subscribers can favorite model’s videos for future viewing, access the model's personal store, and cancel a subscription at any time.

"I am very proud and enthusiastic about this new platform. This platform will replace a similar platform that is outdated. Both influencers and their fans will benefit from this platform. This platform is beneficial to influencers because the company only draws a small part of the commission. And influencers still get 85% of profits from subscription sales." Andre Stacks, CEO of Modelzonly.Com

About ModelzOnly

ModelzOnly.com is a new website name, previously known as StackModelsInc.com is a models subscription based website for models. StackModelsInc.com was started in 2012 and began publishing a magazine in June 2012 until November 2017. While StackModelsInc.com website still active, the admin Andre Stacks, in addition creating models blog posts, he also created profiles for select models to earn profits from their content. At that time, the user was not allowed to create content by themselves, but it was managed through the admin. After the last issue of STACK Models Magazine was published in 2017, and admin Andre Stacks decided to close down the site. Past issues of STACK Models Magazine can still be found on magcloud, and StackModelsInc started as ModelzOnly in November of 2019. To join, please visit ModelzOnly website at http://ModelzOnly.com.

Contact Info:
Andre Stacks
Lacey WA, 98503

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