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Models Directs Top Hair Trends For Ladies 2010

Press Release: January 12, 2010

As we head into spring 2010 Models Direct would like share this years predicted top five hair trends for ladies. Take a look at the ways that you can start the year with a fantastic and up-to-the-minute style.
The Models Direct top five 2010 hair trends include a look for everyone, so pick your favourite and wow your friends with something new.

 Peroxide/golden blonde or red hair

You can update any look with a change of colour, and blonde is still hot in 2010. If you have the confidence for peroxide blonde while the trend lasts why not give it a try the results can be dramatic and super-sexy. A subtle honey blonde is more natural but still brightens the skin and gives a hint of summer.
Another big colour story this year is red hair. Natural red hair is becoming quite rare, so if you are lucky enough to have it then flaunt it. If you have to fake it notice the attention you get this year as a gorgeous redhead!

 40s-inspired wave

Classy and perfect to match your new 2010 make-up look smoky eyes or matt red lips.
This style looks more effective on blondes and redheads, but can be worn as any colour as long as you hair is a little more than shoulder-length. It is suitable all year round and is oh-so-glamorous! Wear your waves with an off-centre parting and add classic clothing.

 Slicked hair

Only for the bold. This style must be worn wet-look and slicked back or side swept, with a well-defined parting. It works best on short cropped hair, but is OK to use with any colour.


In 2009 we saw milkmaid braids become popular but this year the look has been adapted into the long side braid.
It works with any hair colour but does require hair of a certain length. Fringes look great with this style and you can wear your hair with a slightly tousled and natural edge or incorporate the slicked look by sweeping to the side, with a parting on the opposite side to the fringe.


Topknots, like very short hair, are not for everyone, but if you have the face shape and confidence for them they can look amazing. They can be worn sleek or messy.
Sleek topknots work best with straight hair, or try them with plaited hair to bring in another 2010 trend. This style is very neat but can look severe, so add some pretty accessories if you wish to soften it.
Messy topknots work best with hair that has a bit of a wave. Sweep the hair up in a loose bun and the resulting up-do will look effortless and feminine.

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