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Models Direct: Top Beauty Pageant Tips For Teens

Press Release: January 29, 2010

At the very least a teenagers experience at a pageant can be extremely positive and confidence-boosting so Models Direct would like to help you to make the most of it with these top tips.


This first step to beauty pageant success is so important, after all, if approached in the wrong way it may spell the premature end of an exceptional journey. In order to get it right you need to impress the judges on many levels.
Be sure to include plenty of detail about worthwhile out of school activities, as well as subjects studied in school and any awards won. Exemplify physical fitness, solid morals and intelligence alongside your looks as these attributes are very important.

Grooming skills

Good grooming is essential for every pageant winner. It may help to get some guidance on make-up application, as you will need to know how to use it both effectively and subtly. Find a neat and tidy hairstyle that suits you, and learn how to maintain it, and dont forget to develop good posture.
Exercising regularly and eating healthy foods will also ensure that you make the most of your looks.

Good grades

Be sure to try your best. If you are not a straight A student, show willingness to learn and put extra time and effort into the subjects that you may find difficult. If necessary you may wish to stay after school to demonstrate your desire to achieve.

Public speaking

This can be very difficult for some teenagers so practice the skill at any opportunity: in front of your parents, siblings and classmates. Remember to speak slowly and clearly and to focus on your audience.


Do you have a talent? If you have had singing, dancing or music lessons, be sure to make the most of your experience when displaying a talent at your beauty pageant. Any talent can be utilized so dont worry if your strengths center around something more unusual, such as martial arts or sign language.

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