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Models Direct: Top 20 Tips On Flattering The Fuller Figure

Press Release: March 08, 2010

1.Keep garments simple and well-fitting, with a good cut, and spend what you can afford in order to achieve the best look.

2.Do not be tempted to buy a size smaller make sure you are wearing the size that you are, it will be far more becoming.

3.This is especially true of bra size have a fitting to make sure you are wearing the correct dimensions.

4.Darker colours will give you a more defined and slender looking silhouette.

5.Outfits composed of clothing in a single colour family can be slimming.

6.Soft draping can help to smooth any lumps and bumps.

7.Steer clear of fancy, emphasised shoulders, large prints, pleats, contrasting bold colours, ruffles and too many details like pockets etc.

8.Go for items with longer lines.

9.Heels can lengthen the leg, but avoid teetering around in anything too high.

10.Avoid wearing skin-tight or very loose clothing either of these will be unflattering.

11.Buy clothing in shades that look good with your skin tone and hair colour.

12.Get professional advice and a flattering, easy to maintain hairstyle.

13.Dress to emphasise your best features.

14.Do not take advice from sales people on what flatters, shop with a trusted friend.

15.Add a face-brightening coloured scarf to your ensemble.

16.Find styles that suit you and buy variations on a similar theme.

17.Once you have found items and styles that you are confident with, try shopping for plus-size clothing online or in specialist shops.

18.Adopt good grooming habits and be positive about your looks.

19.Do not overdo the accessories one bold item per outfit is enough.

20.Correct any bad postural habits and work on adopting positive body language.

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