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Models Direct: Top 10 Tips For Choosing Fragrances

Press Release: February 23, 2010

The art of making fragrances can be traced back to ancient Egypt, and perfumes found in Cyprus are estimated to be up to 4,000 years old. In the early days people used herbs, spices and flowers to make them. Basic ingredients like these are still used, though the precise formula for a modern perfume is often kept secret.

Many of us have a signature scent and associate certain perfumes with people we know. Whether it is a nostalgic whiff of grannys lavender or a sudden trip back to the late eighties when you catch a hint of musk in the air, a fragrance stays with you, good or bad! So, are you making the most of your favourite fragrance?

Here are some tips from Models Direct on how to do just that:

Dont hurry into buying a new fragrance and try shopping for one later in the day as your sense of smell will be at its sharpest. Look for something that you feel reflects your style. Test perfumes on a piece of card rather than your skin until you have narrowed it down to one or two that you like, or they will mingle and you will leave the shop in a cloud of conflicting scents.

When you find a fragrance you like, apply a dab to the inside of your wrist and leave it for at least ten minutes before you commit to buying as the scent may alter slightly during this time. You can also check for any allergic reaction this way. Test any perfumes you are considering buying in this way, one at a time. Never apply perfume near pearls as the alcohol may discolour them. It may also strip the coating from plated jewellery. Remember that some perfumes can stain; do not spray them directly onto your clothing.

For a subtle scent, spray your perfume into the air and walk though the mist. Avoid using perfume in areas where you have applied any deodorising products.Change your perfume with the seasons. Favour stronger scents in the colder months and more subtle fragrance during warmer months, as heat can affect intensity and cold does reduce the strength of scents.For best results apply neutral oil to your skin just as you leave your bath and then shortly afterwards apply your fragrance. This is because scent lasts better on moisturised skin and will be absorbed more effectively after a bath while your pores are open.

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