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Press Release: January 07, 2010

With 20 years in the industry, the peoples agency has shaped its own development in response to the many issues affecting models and entertainers throughout its history as the UK and Europes leading modelling agency. Models Direct continues to offer a service with maximum flexibility to its models and clients, and has embraced the changes in technology, culture, fashion and modern media that have taken place over the last two decades.

Meanwhile, the industry is at last responding to public opinion regarding what is attractive and is giving more priority to the more everyday looks and body shapes that consumers currently aspire or relate to. A new trend is emerging, with increasingly realistic and attainable real world body shapes beginning to filter into glossy magazines and on to the catwalks, paired with an acceptance that consumers are more likely to respond to this type of marketing. As a result, people of a far more diverse lifestyle, ethnicity, size, shape and age currently have increased opportunities in entertainment and modelling that their predecessors simply could not have dreamed of.

Models Direct are an agency that has always had an inclusive approach to the industry and they are delighted to see clients offering opportunities to a wider spectrum of models as we head into the next decade.

As those with an ambition to model or break into entertainment realise how they can use technology to promote themselves in a way that has never before been possible, many are benefiting from their willingness to give it a go - and assignments gained continue to increase confidence and open doors, offering a positive and genuinely rewarding experience to those who are selected.

Models Direct can offer models - from an impressive network throughout the UK and Europe - with instantly accessible photographs, CVs and references available, to any client with internet access.

So, if you are considering giving modelling a try, or are a client looking for the right model, there has probably never been a better time to contact Models Direct. We look forward to hearing from you.

About Models Direct - (http://www.modelsdirect.com/)

Models Direct is a talent and model agency for female models, male models, teen models, child models and baby models for advertising, fashion, film, TV, promotional and photographic modelling work. We are a Government-regulated Model Employment Agency... not an online showcase, we're the real thing!

If you think you, or perhaps your partner, child, baby or pet, might be a suitable model for us to put forward for selection to appear in films, TV, fashion, promotions, advertisements and photographic modelling, please find out more on our website (http://www.modelsdirect.com/locations/worldwide.html) or call us on+44 (0)871 224 6000. Modelling can be great fun & rewarding as a hobby.

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