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Models Direct; The Truth About The UKs Leading Modelling Agency

Press Release: December 09, 2009

There are hundreds of modelling agencies in the UK and some of these are extremely unscrupulous. Scam agencies may approach members of the public in the guise of a legitimate modelling agency, often by way of casting sessions in hotels, where they inevitably proceed to charge large fees for representation with no intention of working on the behalf of those they recruit. This has recently been highlighted in the media but with an unfortunate amount of generalisation, leading to confusion over which agencies work legitimately and which are scams.

Media debates by definition are often party to much sensationalism and this type of generalisation, which can lead to misunderstandings. Models Direct feels that this situation is unhelpful and negative to those attempting to make informed decisions, whose opinions should be based firmly on fact.

Models Direct care passionately about both their models and clients and they act legally and responsibly on their behalves, matching models to assignments and providing online exposure with maximum flexibility and diversity. They charge an upfront fee for representation but at 70 pence per week they do not feel it unreasonable for the service that they offer. The company employ a team of dedicated professionals at their head office who work hard to give people a platform from which to launch their careers in modelling or entertainment.

Many of those represented by Models Direct would otherwise not have had the chance to experience genuine representation and may have found themselves rejected by agencies that do not require upfront fees due to the very specific nature of the type of models for whom these agencies are prepared to work. Even in these cases a charge for the production of a portfolio will often be incurred later in the relationship between model and agent. This is because agencies make their money through those they represent, indeed, they could not exist without this income.

Models Direct do not approach people directly to apply to model with them, they have never held hotel casting sessions and they do not require models to pay for expensive professional images or portfolios. As one of the most successful agencies in Europe and the UK they have represented many models during their 20 years of successful trading, and while it is regrettable that some of those they represent will not be selected for assignments, it is also unrealistic to expect a guarantee of regular modelling work for all. In fact, no agency can guarantee regular work to those they represent.

In the case of Models Direct assignment selection is dictated by clients of the company, the diversity of whom ensures that every model represented by them has a real chance of securing work. The agency also actively encourage clients to use a broad range of looks and body types, giving their more specialised models as much of an advantage as possible when attempting to break into the modelling or entertainment based industries.

With all these facts considered Models Direct has felt it necessary to highlight the differences between themselves and any scam agencies, and the transparency they have employed in dealing with any queries or concerns from any source, in the past and currently.

This clarification is primarily for the information of any current or potential models and clients of Models Direct, a company that has been representing and working with both, for the last twenty years - legally, morally and successfully. You can read ample testimonies that illustrate this on the website - http://www.modelsdirect.com.

If you still have any queries regarding the legitimacy of Models Direct please look at the abundance of information provided on the Models Direct website. If you would like to know more about the company you may also arrange to visit the head office where Damian or Suzy OConnor will show you around and introduce you to the team. They will even cover half of your travel costs if you live in the UK.

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Models Direct is a talent and model agency for female models, male models, teen models, child models and baby models for advertising, fashion, film, TV, promotional and photographic modelling work. We are a Government-regulated Model Employment Agency... not an online showcase, we're the real thing!

If you think you, or perhaps your partner, child, baby or pet, might be a suitable model for us to put forward for selection to appear in films, TV, fashion, promotions, advertisements and photographic modelling, please find out more on our website (http://www.modelsdirect.com/locations/worldwide.html) or call us on+44 (0)871 224 6000. Modelling can be great fun & rewarding as a hobby.

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