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Models Direct: Nutrition Tips For Smart Eaters

Press Release: April 12, 2010

Its the time of year when many of us are tempted to adopt bad eating habits in the name of losing weight, but are you really doing yourself any favours by embarking on unhealthy, hard-to-maintain diets? Models Direct are great believers in prioritising health over weight loss and the great news is that the two things often naturally go together. If you are trying to shift some winter pounds, regular exercise and a healthy diet are the best ways to achieve it. Here are some tips on how to stay healthy and look great.

Get fresh

Stay away from processed food, full stop. It contains all kinds of hidden and unhealthy ingredients like hydrogenated fats and e-numbers! The best way to eat is as fresh as possible, and this means steaming rather than boiling too. In terms of vegetables, a lot of nutrition is lost in the cooking process, so always cook them as lightly as possible or stick with salads and foods that can be safely eaten raw. Remember to include pulses and whole grains in your diet and to accompany them opt for fish and lean meats where possible (which must be cooked correctly). This is a fantastic number-one tip.

Include your favourites

Dont constantly deny yourself the foods you love. In the long run, cravings will cost you more in calories than simply allowing yourself a little of your favourite foods. The trick is to go for smaller portions of good quality treats. If you fancy ice cream, for instance, go for a small portion of the best quality possible, remembering the processed foods rule and adhering to it as much as possible. This way you will savour your treat more. If you love chocolate, buy a small bar of organic chocolate with a high cocoa content and thoroughly enjoy it. Green & Blacks do some fab mini-bars of chocolate.
Eating your favourite things this way gives you a healthier perspective on them. You appreciate and enjoy them, and more importantly you dont end up over indulging due to the uncontrollable cravings that occur when you constantly deny yourself a little of what you fancy.

Eat little and often

Try eating five half-sized meals a day rather than three large ones. A good tip here is simply to buy smaller plates! We tend to fill our plates, no matter what size, and are programmed from a young age to then clear the plate. Eating smaller meals will keep your energy levels up and metabolism ticking over. You will find that your body adapts very quickly and is soon satisfied by the smaller sized portions.

Embrace protein

Protein fills you up for longer than carbohydrates do. It also provides you with energy and helps to repair tissue damage. Find yours in fish, lean meats, beans, nuts, wholegrain and dairy products.

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