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Press Release: January 12, 2010

Models Direct know how easy it is to neglect your feet during the colder months but who wants to deal with that strappy shoe shocker when you realise they are in too bad a state to wear your latest heels this weekend?

Your feet take minimum maintenance to look after, so take some Models Direct advice on how to keep them ship shape all year round!

Use a foot scrub every time you bathe. Massage your favourite scrub into your feet then rinse in the warm water. For any stubborn, problem skin on your feet try also using a pumice stone while in the bath.

When you step out of the bath always moisturise your feet - like you would the rest of your body - paying particular attention to the ball and heel of the foot.

This is a great time to trim toenails and push back your cuticles. Trim toenails straight across to avoid in-growth and push back softened cuticles with a dry flannel.

Once a week massage oil into your feet at bedtime then cover with cotton socks and leave them on overnight. For maximum benefit apply the oil and socks following your moisturiser and use a Vitamin E-based oil.

For an extra treat add some essential oils to your base oil. You can custom make your blend according to your needs. Peppermint will cool down hot, aching feet, tea-tree is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and will help to treat any nasty fungal infectons while rosemary oil will help to warm cold feet and with circulation.

Paint toenails with a bright colour to make you smile every time you catch sight of them. Until that big night out, anything goes on toes!

Wear well-fitting shoes. A great tip is to shop for shoes at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest.

If your job involves a lot of sitting remember to rotate your ankles, remove your shoes and wiggle your toes under the desk periodically to maintain a healthy circulation.

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